THE BEST Game-Planning Template!

:wave: Hey all! Iā€™m a Studio Manager and Digital Marketer with 8 years of experience!

Planning your game-vision in a way your team can understand is VERY difficult.

:thinking: However, what you might not have thought of, is that:

  • Asset creators will build and draw assets for a game.
  • THEN, scripters simply put those assets together like glue!

:+1: With that in mind, I have come-up with the best solution for planning any game!

  • Asset creators will find all of the assets color-coded into the tasks.
    • All they have to do is make the assets and cross them out!
  • Scripters will then script the task and check the boxes when done!


:exploding_head: PLUS, I have added a checklist of features needed for a game to succeed, which should help with planning the game!

Feel free to take a copy of the template and take your game-planning to the next level! :slight_smile:


thanks man! this will help so much for people who want to plan things out for their game. good job :clap: