The best way to advertise a game

What is the best way to advertise game? How popular games right now be popular? People say that ads or sponsoring giving small CRT or somethinf like that. So what is actually the best way or technique to make a game popular.


I’d say there are 3 helpful ways to get your game to be popular:

  • Having someone popular on the Roblox platform play your game (whether it’s a Youtuber, a streamer, an influencer, etc). People who follow this user will see them playing your game and will find out about it, potentially engaging them to play it themselves as well.
  • Advertising the game yourself on social media. I myself have come across quite a lot of videos of developers advertising their games, or dev-logging to create an early player base. Just use the proper hashtags, and some popular audios on the platform and pray to get on people’s fyp; if you get lucky enough you may even go viral!
  • Invite friends. As simple as that. Just make some kind of reward or system that boosts the player when they invite a friend to join. I’ve seen on a few different sources that one of the crucial things that makes Roblox’s algorithm recommend your game on the main page is how many people join thanks to other players. This also helps you grow your player base and current player numbers.

On another note, at least as a small developer, I wouldn’t really recommend biding for advertisements on the website, as these are pretty much just a gambling system on who bets more (and if you don’t have a huge enough budget, your ad will probably get put behind all the big developers and studios who already have a stable budget to pay for ads, so I don’t think it’s worth it at all), and I’ve seen people complaining about sponsored ads as well, so it’s up to you if you want to give those a try as well.
Hopefully this helped in some way!