The best way to secure scripts for products

Hello im making a special Admin UI that I plan to monetize but I want to be super secure and prevent it from being cracked/leaked/etc. I want to have the best method to secure it but I don’t know where to start. It would be great if you give me some pointers and recommendations.

I also have a loader script that have settings for it.

The loader script has settings for the admin menu? or

The Admin GUI and the scripts (local,server,and modules) itself. I know local scripts is extremely difficult to protect so Im not sure how im going to do this.

An extra measure I took with one of the games I dev in was making a custom licencing system. Basically, how this works is that the user buys the gamepass. It sets their UserId in an array with a custom made module which makes a random code using their Username and UserId. It’s pretty random, very hard to crack, and it checks your UserId so you don’t use anyone elses licencing code. Anyways, they enter the code in a TextBox and they get ranked in the group, with basic admin, perms, etc.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, it sends the code to the group’s Discord Server, only challenge we need to solve is getting the code to the player. This is good for preventing trolls and stuff, but could also be useful in preventing exploiters.

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I assume you probably have ranks, for example you could check if the person with ‘owner’ rank has the model in their inventory, (and possibly save the data that he does so that they can turn off their inventory after)

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Im intrested in a lincencing system and I do want to try it but using the discord method rather then using gamepasses.

Ranks? What do you mean by that?

What do you mean by ‘using the discord method’?

Some sellers use a custom made discord licensing system where they make a bot and use a command to whitelist (or blacklist) the buyer id.

I was told that this method was more secured but dunno how.

Basically, you created something in the style of HD Admin or any other of those admin free model systems if I got that right, I assume you’d have ranks then?

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Oh, alright. I used a similar system in my licencing where it sends the code to our group’s Discord Server. Would that be a similar solution?

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Oh yea that well no thats not what Im doing just a simple
If player is whitelist then
Can use UI

But I just need ways to secure it from exploits

Unless I’m wrong, if you handle stuff like the UI being visible and things on the server (check if they’re admin on server when they join), it shouldn’t be prone to exploits.

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Yea seems likes a good solution .

Any recommendations on how I would set one up?

So firstly you need a Discord Server. Make a webhook.

Then, you should send some Data using that webhook. Here’s a tutorial to assist you:

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Sorry to bud in, but myPod is being sold in a communications server and it is very useful to sell products. It’s only 350 Robux being sold by PodTech.

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Yes, PodTech is a great example of a Roblox business with Discord Bots used to moderate systems and products