The Big Bubble Chat Rework

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Please re-consider this being a CoreScript. The loss of adaptability caused by this is what makes me not want to use this, ever, and rather just fork the old version. Supposedly, making this a normal, default script was too much of a task. Because, and I quote, “[it will] pollute the development environment.” It’s just a telltale sign that your codebase is over-engineered.

It’ll be really saddening if you cut support for the old bubble chat.


I’d really love to see a “…” or something that indicates they’re typing for better player-player interaction.
I know I’ve had that awkward moment where I was typing a big message and the guy just walked away!
Otherwise love it!


Few people are already reporting that issue you see in Studio. Just to confirm, is that Studio only? Does it fork fine if you publish the place, then test it live? We’re still trying to come up with a repro for this.

Right now it is adornee’d to the HumanoidRootPart. We might add a customization setting for attaching it to the head instead!


Using the customization settings API, you can make the bubbles smaller if you want to! Here’s an example:

local chat = game:GetService("Chat")
		TextSize = 13,
		Padding = 5

On mobile, people are allowed to play on a version that’s up to 3 weeks old before they’re forced to update the Roblox app. This feature was shipped in release 451 that came out just last Wednesday, which means that some people (~20% of mobile users) are playing on an older Roblox that doesn’t have this feature. Calling Chat:SetBubbleChatSettings would then return a “This function does not exist” error, which is why we recommend using pcall.


Thanks for pointing it out, I honestly never noticed it before. Seems like an issue with our animation system. Will add to the list of bugs!


Just to verify, I heard there is alot of performance improvements. Is this true and how much faster is it compared to the old chat?

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Yay! Glad it’s finally here! :partying_face: Here is my rundown:

Can we please not have it over HumanoidRootPart? This change is not welcome, and it looks terrible, to say the truth. I am using once of the most basic animation packs, and this is what it looks like:

The animation is amazing, this is just what we wanted!

When will we get a total overhaul? A few things I would like to see are:

Google Hangouts-like ‘…’ when chatting. (Credit to @TheCarbyneUniverse)

New Chat UI

Styling similar to Markdown

My biggest concern is not having the chat over the Head, as this is the sole reason why I will not be using this new chat. It’s never been this way, and it never should. These are my 2 cents anyways.

One last way to put it:

Thank you to everyone who made this possible! :tada:


A fix for that one has already been pushed and should be live soon-ish!


This update looks like it’s going to be really cool in that it allows games to access unique chat bubbles much more easily! I only ask to include plans to allow changing of the bubble’s cinematic effects (the beginning effect specifically) because while it’s neat, I don’t think it would fit all games. Keep up the awesome work!


So the chat will be lined to Head, not HumanoidRootPart?


Wow, I wonder how many experimental games this update will cause, maybe games where you can have infinite bubbles, or a game where you can type a lot. But if you don’t want bubble chat lagging and breaking the game, it would be reasonable to set some limits on it.
Also make bubble chat settings so they can only be set server side, in case of exploiters.

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This new chat system seems to not work for me. I checked off BubbleChat, but it didn’t change it to BubbleChat. Is there something I’m missing?
Screen Shot 2020-10-13 at 5.59.01 PM
EDIT: This didn’t work in Studio for me, in game, it worked.


Yes, this is happening inside Roblox Studio and not inside the game, and when I fork it inside a published game or place it still reproduces the bug anyway possible.

Would it be fine if I could make a separate topic in #platform-feedback:studio-bugs or #platform-feedback:engine-bugs with this change and bug? I could possibly add reproduce steps to accomplish this bug being accountable for this. :eyes:

That’s some good news to me and others as it’s just weird seeing the new Bubble Chat being adornee’d to the Torso/HumanoidRootPart of a humanoid, and customization seems nice but for default comparison, it should be on the Head and nowhere else.


Sorry, should have clarified. No, it will still be attached to HumanoidRootPart (though I agree it would be nice to provide you guys the option to attach it to the head instead). The fix I mentioned will simply make the character-to-bubble offset adjust itself when the size of the character significantly changes, when running an animation or sitting down for example



This is studio only but it’s a real bummer when trying to customise the look.
Also one of my billboard UI’s is gone when it should be above my head. Again this is studio only.

What it looks like in game V



Please do! We’d appreciate any additional information about this


What was the point of releasing w/out all users getting access to this? Wouldn’t this hurt games more than help if 20% (Roblox is 80% mobile) of mobile players couldn’t even access. The pcall seems like a cheap way to avoid having to ‘fix’ issues with this call failing (like, releasing before it’s across all platforms). This is unwanted and should be seen as code smell since more and more things (ie. SetCore) are needing to utilize pcalls. Please move to not using this in the future, and edit the example in the future when all of mobile is updated to further showcase that we don’t need this pcall.


First off, my compliments on your avatar – I love it.

Are there any performance implications for spamming chat messages since this uses UICorner? Those are still a bit slow at scale.


Doesn’t appear to be working for some reason in-game on a new private server I just joined :frowning_face:

Also as a customization request, could we have an option to have a per-base color style for each individual bubble chat. (E.g: If we wanted to each player’s bubble chat have their own background or text color like their in-window chat text color.)