The Big Bubble Chat Rework

I don’t know if others have said this, but there is a big issue with the new bubble chat.

The text sometimes gets truncated, so your chat will mid sentence just stop. And you sometimes see the rest on the chat tab/bar on the left, but on the bubble chat above the head the text just gets truncated.

Reproduce: Write a long sentence/chat message.

It’s a big issue with the old bubble chat (and Dialog objects containing text) as well, and remains unfixed.

I never noticed it on the old bubble chat. This is a huge problem nevertheless!!

I don’t know if the developers of bubble chat are aware of this but I occasionally encounter a bug that involves two bubbles of the same message, one at the normal place and one at the Humanoid Root Part of character. I’m sorry but I don’t know how it was produced but if it happens again, I’ll certainly take pics and steps to reproduce it.

I’m glad that Bubble Chat is being worked on; however, the only thing stopping me from using it is this error:image
I am requesting that you allow for Attachments to be a valid parameter to the :Chat() method because they are already valid Adornees for BillboardGuis.

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Is it possible to remove the “…” on the bubble chat when too far away?


I’d assume you could do this by setting these to a ridiculously high number like math.huge.


Has anyone come up with a method to set customization per-player for this? (Example being something like a group member getting a blue coloured chat bubble), at present I can only see that this applies to all chat bubbles and there isn’t really a way to change how a specific player’s chat bubbles look?

Currently looking into making a custom chat instead, but if possible i’d like to use this one.

Edit: Nevermind, scrolled through and saw that this may be planned for the future. :slightly_smiling_face:


I also think that the Inventory/Backpack UI needs a revamp with full customization, like the bubble chat customization features. Currently, there is no way to customize the default inventory UI other than making my own, which is hard to make without bugs.


Is it possible to have Text Transparency and Background Transparency separate? I really want a translucent background, but it also makes the text translucent too.


Please add support for the old bubble chat theme in this rework.


why would they do that though?

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I understand that this was meant to make the chat feel more “alive” but honestly it feels more flat and sterile than before. The animations are nice and everything, but the old one looked better visually.


Not sure if you prefer feedback here or as a separate request. But I would like a way to hide the Bubble Chat for specific players locally.

Use case:
If player2 turns invisible by setting their character to transparency 1 locally, other players will still be able to locate player2 when they type because of bubble chat. Turning off bubble chat is not possible either because then it would be disabled for everyone, even visible players


Where do you put the local script in?

You can put it in startergui or any other place where local scripts are ran

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For those wanting the rework to look like the old chat bubbles, I made a theme.

Please, please, please add more customizability. With the old bubble chat, we could change the aesthetics, the functionality, everything! It’s source was literally right there, out in the open for anyone to customize / fork. All we can change with this new rework are the aesthetics. We can barely even do that!

Also, why is it adorneed to the HumanoidRootPart??


I find the inability to change which part the chat is adorned to (causing the bubble to float away for some tools), the inability to customize per player bubble colors/fonts instead of just changing all, and being unable to modify the original source or review how it works all makes the old bubble chat still stand out compared to the new.

I do however like the style and transitions the new bubble chat features and I doubt that Roblox indeed needed this to be strictly in their control instead of being forkable.

Only until the new bubble chat can be forked in it’s entirety, I hope there will be no plans to remove the old bubble chat until then.