The big city! (My new map)

The big city!
My new game to explore the islands,
Note: This project started recently, so there are many things missing and more places to add, and it is not yet confirmed if this game will have a function
Enjoy my city

- murjarquitecto :roblox_light:


wow esta ciudad esta maravillosa me encantaría poder jugarla algún día.

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THAT IS AMAZING! I have a few questions:

-Were you the only one who built it?
-How long did it take?


omg you are looking wonderful the place I hope to play it very soon

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Answering your questions:
• Nobody helped me until now, I have experience in this
• I take days for the details but normally I finish my maps the same day but it depends on how big the map is.

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WOW is so beautiful to be true

Wow! Usually I start something and I just stop after that day. Keep up the good work. :heart:

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But I am more excited to use FIB3 when the map is completely finished since it is right now in Voxel Lighting

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This map is amazing, I could not wait to see it in FIB3 lighting.

First thing that came to my mind though was mad city lol

Has lots of graphics ooh!

Love it

Is this map completed? Because it is really good anyways. Nice job :+1:

As I said, this map is not complete, (if you saw the island in the image)

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Ok… then I want to see it completed
:wink: :laughing:

Oh my god-
That is incredible.

Brilliant! Very well executed.

Mind asking how big is it the map size? And did you build everything with Studio only?

Yes, everything in Roblox Studio, it was not difficult if you already have planned how it will be built

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(Here is the map, incomplete)

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Nice job man! I was a fan of your lonely island, and now I’m glad seeing you progressing even further!

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Amazing job my dude. The amount of detail you put into this, is amazing. I could never do that, keep it up.

Very easy friend,
There will only be the Explorer and Properties, then find where you say ‘Lighting’ and click
Then go to the Properties part and with the wheel of your mouse, scroll down to the bottom
And there it says ‘Fog’ put the number 10000 for your fog or you can make fog with the value 1000 put, I hope it has served you
Sorry if I don’t have screenshots because I’m on my cell phone, and I’m not on my computer