The boot menu in the form of a console

Hello, Developers!

I present to your attention the boot menu in the form of a console!
watching the video will take 4 minutes without rewinding

I also plan to release a second version of this menu, I’ll leave a video with the second version here later!

Link to the model: ConsoleLoadingMenu V1 - Roblox


From what I gather this is individually loading every asset in the game from somewhere?

No, it’s just an additional download menu to give the client more time to download the game details. In the second version of the menu, I plan to already do asset loading

If you make a loading screen without actually loading assets, It’s better to have none in the first place - Making players wait on loading that takes FOREVER without actually helping to load sounds or animations, Instead to load parts which usually are loaded quickly, Is not a good idea…

Other than that the UI looks really nice in my opinion.

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Thanks! I will put the assets loading function in the second version of the menu

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