The built in Rig Builder will only insert the Block Rig/Model. How do I insert Rthro or Mesh Rigs?

I tend to stay in my lane and create assets in Blender for the rest of my team to utilize. However, I recently decided to dive into Studio and I can’t seem to figure out how to utilize the Rig Builder correctly. It seems very straight forward however I cannot get the Rig Builder to insert any Rigs/Models other than the default Block Rig. I reached out to another member of my group and they are experiencing the same issue. I have googled, I have asked on Reddit and posted on multiple discord servers dedicated to Roblox Dev but was unable to find a solution.

Any help or advice on this would be greatly appreciated.


this has happened to me before, i dont know whats causing it, probably a bug, try restarting studio in a different place

Thank you for the reply. I ended up trying this at home and it still only loads the Rigs seen above. My partner also confirmed it is happening on another machine at home. I may just have to move this to a bug report…

edit. Looks like I can’t post in the Bug Report section so it will be staying here and I’ll be crossing my fingers.

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maybe another thing you could try is get the character from the toolbox, though, make sure to delete any scripts or viruses inside them

This is a bug, spread the word about it so Roblox can notice it and fix it.

This happens in my Studio as well, I’m not sure why. I have to use a model from the Toolbox in order to do animations properly on mesh rigs.