The Callout rule, are people going to really follow it?

I am making this thread because I been seeing callout’s in #collaboration and might be in other categories but not sure (correct me if I am wrong)

The point is, people just call out users instead of talking to the developer privately or flagging the thread it leads to drama and moderation action taken.

Even I have been seeing threads about calling users out.

This is getting annoying, this is a developer forum, not a Twitter where you can start drama!

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That is what flags are for though. Flags work at the scale of callouts.


But people just directly call out others instead of flagging users.

Yes, people did do that, so that’s why they recently added that rule. People can break it like any other rule, sure, in which case they’ll be flagged.

Also, you can’t call people out in #collaboration anymore, luckily:


They will if they know what’s good for them.


I see them, sadly. Luckily, they made them an official guideline.

Well, a lot of people who do callout users don’t really know it’s a rule. Because not many people will go through every single guideline there is.