The Chat Box has broken

I was recently testing my game and I pressed “/” to talk and it just overran the preview text like this:

What has happened and how can I fix it?

If you don’t have any childs under the Chat service, do the following:

Play the inside studio;
Go to chat and copy all of its contents
Stop the game and paste everything under Chat service
ctrl+ shift + f and paste this:

module.BubbleChatEnabled = 
module.ClassicChatEnabled = 

Then set the ClassicChatEnabled to true.

If you have those contents in the Chat service, just do the steps below /

It’s not finding any scripts like that? What’s happening?

nvm i found it bruh i can’t read

Did that fixed your issue? I hope it did. Let me know if it didn’t

Idk if this is supposed to be in the Scripting support category but ok
Idk whats the fix I don’t really chat and don’t come infront of any chat problems soo… i can’t help sorry :disappointed_relieved:

Wait, it’s broken again, can you send an image of your Chat tab in studio?

Here it is:

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And an image of the Chat tab in Explorer?

The chat tab cannot be seen in eplorer. That is an UI element. Also that glitch may be affected by your admin script, if you have. Try delete that and test to see if the bug occures.

No, I mean like the tab where you see scripts etc

It is just filled with the normal scripts. As I said, its your admin. if you have one. but i think you do since i saw a :fly command

I removed the admin, it’s still broken.

oh. then it must be a bug.i do not know how to solve the issue.