The Citadel - Update 3!

The third major update is here!

Here are the additions this time around:

  • Adjusted the teleporter’s design
  • Added HubLinks to the empty shelf
  • Improved the lighting a bit
  • Added a sofa, and cushions to all other seats
  • Put a backstory in the description

This whole build is actually canon to my book/story, The Rooftops. The HubLinks, the ‘BA’ on the teleporter, and the backstory are just tie-ins to make it more faithful to the source material. Sorry if some of these things don’t make sense (yet).

EDIT: Just realized that the unions on the sofa aren’t appearing for some reason.
EDIT 2: Made a few more small additions.


As it’s a showcase, would you consider including pictures for those who can’t play?



Just a couple things I want to comment on. The game itself looks good so good job with that. But it lacks some major detail and there is not much actually inside the building, I find it quite repetitive. I would consider getting rid of the majority of those “lunch tables” because the place itself only has 7 desks, 1 person at each. And every lunch table has 8 seats. 8x16(the amount of lunch tables)= 128 people if the place was full at one time. 128 people is a lot more than 7. So I would just replace the majority of tables and replace it with like a place where you can get coffee or soda or food or something?

The desks on the 2nd floor have nothing on them, so you should add a computer, a pot of pencils and some paper. Maybe you could add a reception or something? Also would you mind telling me what this BA machine is? I am very interested it looks cool so good job on that.

For the outside, you can walk through the vegetation. That would be okay if it was just for leaves because that would make sense but you can also walk through the tree trunks and the plant pots. I would also move the benches outside inside as that would make sense and replace the bench area with a car park or something like that. The trees and the vegetation actually look really good so good job on that though! I would just make a few more trees and vary other than having the same one. The exterior of the building also lacks some details, I don’t know what you could add but maybe you could add an air vent on the top and maybe like a door to the roof? You could also have a staircase at the side of a building, like the ones apartments have.
Like this:

You could also add some more windows and stop it from just being a plain concrete block. It is a cool build though. Good job!

Looks nice. Some of the walls could use more design or a different color/material/texture.
Some of the lighting needs work and the third pic seems… empty?
Good job