The Citadel - Update 4

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So, I’ve been busy with my showcase, The Citadel- this might be the biggest update so far.

Major Changes:

  • Added a third floor, BA’s Lab (currently empty)
  • Added a balcony off the third floor
  • Changed tree colors, sizes and locations (variation)
  • Fixed the sofa (broken unions)
  • Added several plaques around the Citadel
  • Greatly improved the game’s lighting

Minor Changes:

  • Added a grapple gun in the weapons display in the lounge
  • Added a second sofa
  • Tweaked the lights


Edit: Fixed a bug.


At the moment, it is pretty basic of a showcase game. It could use a lot of terrain work and some different lighting techniques. I am on 2 graphics, and on that setting the build looks like any other build. You are gonna have to change it in a way so that people in all graphics levels could experience close to the same thing. But it is not a bad start. :+1: