The City [Showcase]

A friend of mine has been nagging me to get myself out there and showcase some of my builds, so I managed this.1 Most of it was done in the past day but a few of the buildings I made a while back for said friend, but were never put to use until now. Please note this is still a WIP.

I recommend playing in first person.



My jaw dropped as soon as I loaded in. This is an insane amount of detail! In a sci-fi adventure/roleplay game this map would fit perfectly.

WOW! That showcase is fantastic!

Can you please put some pictures of it in your post?

i really like the lighting.

There you go.

Genuinely upset there isn’t much going inside of anything. I’d love to explore the buildings :stuck_out_tongue:

Gonna have to check this out when I get home. :0

Very nice! Now you should put in a bit of neon.

Looks amazing as always. About time you decided to showcase them skills :wink:

Is it a game too?

That’d be pretty neat

You crushed the tiny bit of belief I had that I’m not that bad of a builder…

[quote] Is it a game too?

That’d be pretty neat [/quote]

what’s with you and converting our showcases into games?

[quote] Is it a game too?

That’d be pretty neat [/quote]

So far it’s just a showcase, but when I’m done I’m thinking about adding driveable ships and possibly a few jobs. I’m not sure.

That was pretty awesome. I really liked walking down the sidewalk along the building and having the red stripes fade in and out of view depending on your perspective. I’d really love to be able to explore those buildings!

Simply amazing. Keep it up!