The Coast Game Trailer (Video)

Hello! For those that don’t know me, I’m Infinite_Visions, scripter and head of Visions Games.

I’ve recently been developing a game called The Coast, and I made this game trailer for it. Do you have any feedback? Any criticism? Any flaws? Thank you all!

(Video elements/music made by me)


Pretty nice! Although the transactions beetwen clips isnt that great, and the graphics aren’t the best, and maybe try to use your own stuff from your game because people are very for say “Picky” (Not sure if tahts a good word) about if its from your game, hope this helps!!

Sorry if this came across offensive, i don’t mean to be rude in any way

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Nope, its great! Those assets are all from my game, so we should be good there. My computer is old, hence the bad graphics😅 I had to record in studio, so it always could be better. I’ll try and improve the transitions too

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I mean it’s not bad! Here’s what I’d improve on though :thinking:

  • Make some of the Camera Angles a bit better (And also remove the mouse if you know how to do that)

  • Add some Text so that players are informed on what each clip is supposed to represent

  • Transactions (As the 2nd post stated earlier) would work really nice with this

Personal Opinion

  • Graphics do feel a bit outdated, if you could do something in relevance to that it’d work so much better

But overall, pretty alright! Do take these suggestions as an opportunity to learn more & improve!

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Thank you! With the mouse, that seems to be a glitch (when you press LeftShift + p, and go freecam, the mouse dissapears. However, it appeared in the video). I will improve the graphics quality/transitions, thanks for the advice!

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