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The Coffee Club Roblox Public Handbook

Welcome to The Coffee Club!

Salutations, and welcome to our Public Handbook. Within this document, you can find vital information key to navigating TCCR. If you have any questions regarding this post, please don’t hesitate to DM a Senior Rank.

Public Handbook

General Information

General Information

Ovations, welcome to the General Information segment of our Public Handbook. Within this segment, you will be presented with information key for navigation within our company. Numerous items presented include, our company’s aim and members of corporate. Again, if you have any inquires about this segment or the handbook in general, please do not hesitate to DM a Senior Rank.

Our Company’s Aim

Our company’s main long term objective is to of course develop a loving, safe and carefree community that doesn’t involve any drama that can offend anyone. We strive to become a better cafe every day and making customers feel welcome whenever they join our group. That is why we keep training our wonderful staff team so they can improve and give our customers a memorable experience. Our long- erm goal for customer service would be achieving at least 85 percent positive customer feedback. We know it would be tough, considering some people don’t find cafes interesting. In the future, The Coffee Club intends to become a bigger, better and more organized cafe franchise that has an amazing reputation in the Roblox community and increase staff activity. We plan to grow and expand this franchise into new opportunities, basically increasing our brand awareness and name recognition. Although we are pretty active for countries with timezones around GMT+7, we feel like we can stand out by having sessions suitable for everywhere across the globe. One of our other goals is to also assist affiliates, strengthen bonds and help them grow bigger as well.


VehmentIy - Chairwoman
Carlshoot123 - Vice Chairman
Sheren1 - President
XSnowtigerVX - President
Meriidian - President
DUARTEZ - President
Missuniverse123 - Vice President
Wilkinzi13 - Vice President
Allvde - Vice President
Typxcallysm - Vice President

Customer Code of Conduct

Customer Code of Conduct

Here at TCC we enforce rules and conditions onto customers and staff. Failure to abide by these rules will result in severe consequences. Most of the rules and conditions will be mentioned and presented below. For any inquires please message a Senior Rank.


Here at TCC .we expect all customers to be dressed appropriately. Any outfits that our staff find offensive or inappropriate. Our Staff have all right to warn, kick or ban you. The following outfits are prohibited within our cafe at all times.

  • Body hair

  • Curves

  • Rude/vulgar comments as a t-shirt

All of these items shown above are prohibited and if found on your Roblox avatar you’ll be asked to change, refusal of doing so will end in a warning, kick, or ban. Staff also have all right to warn, kick or ban you for refusal, we highly suggest you do not find loopholes and all items shown above plus any that aren’t is counted.


Respect and maturity is compulsory at all times at all TCC domains. Refusal to conform with staff protocol may result in consequences. Some warnable, kickable and bannable offences include.

  • Toxicity towards customers and staff.

  • Starting drama/conflict within TCC’s domains.

  • Arguing and refusal to listen to staff.

  • Excessive use of capitals.

All items listed above are warnable, kickable and bannable to an extent.

Miscellaneous items

Miscellaneous items include offences that don’t belong in a segment, these offences will be listed below and will be order from warnable to bannable offences.

  • Ordering items that don’t exist.

  • Register hopping.

  • Excessive use of capitals.

  • Toxicity shown to customers and staff.

  • Arises drama in TCC’s domain.

  • Minor/excessive spamming.

  • Racial slurs/vulgar comments and statements.

  • Exploiting.

  • NSFW.

If you find that you were banned or kicked unfairly please head to the “Support Information” segment of this handbook. Any items above and any items not shown are all warnable, kickable and bannable offences. Staff have all right to give out consequences accordingly.

Session Schedule

Session Schedule

Interviews - Weekdays

  • 2AM AEDT

  • 6PM AEDT

  • 11PM AEDT

Interviews - Weekends

  • 6AM AEDT

  • 1PM AEDT

  • 6PM AEDT

  • 11PM AEDT

Trainings - Weekday

  • 3AM AEDT

  • 7PM AEDT

  • 12AM AEDT

Trainings - Weekends

  • 7AM AEDT

  • 2PM AEDT

  • 7PM AEDT

  • 12AM AEDT

Support Information

Support Information

Within this segment of our much prodigious handbook, you’ll be presented and informed on the information required if you like to send in a ban appeal, staff report and affiliate blacklist appeal. All information below may change to suit the company’s needs, any information sent to TCC from this is subjected to TCC for safekeeping.

Staff Blacklist Report

  1. Please state your Roblox username
  2. Please describe in as much detail as possible the nature of your complain. Please provide or identify all know personnel, documents, and witnesses to your concerns,
  3. Relevant documents you wish to present :
  4. Please describe any position solutions you believe can help or resolve your complaint.
  5. Please provide any additional comments you wish to consider when investigation your complaint.

Ban Appeal

  1. Please state your roblox username.
  2. Please thoroughly explain to us why you were banned.
  3. Please list all possible reasons of why we should unban you.
  4. Provide any relevant documents.
  5. Do you have any remaining concerns or inquires?

Affiliate Blacklist Appeal

  1. Please state your Roblox username and the affiliate you wish we blacklist.
  2. Provide any relevant documents documenting the event,
  3. Please state the reasons for this decision.
  4. Do you have any remaining inquires or concerns?

All appeals must be sent to member of corporate, to find members to corporate you can navigate your way back up to “General Information”. Please don’t hesitate to directly message Senior Staff for any concerns or issues you have with this segment or handbook in general.

Affiliate Guide

Affiliate Guide

Interested in becoming allies with TCC? Within this segment of our extraordinary handbook you’ll be informed and notified of all the requirements and questions we comply you to fill out to become allies with us. All information sent below must be sent to any members of corporate or any member in Public Relations.


  1. You group must hold a total of 300 non-botted members.
  2. Your company must be active to a certain extent.
  3. You must announce all events that TCC hosts.
  4. You must have an excellent reputation within the Roblox and TCC community.
  5. We must both profit each other.

If you meet to these requirements, you can proceed by sending an application using the following questions.

Alliance Application

  1. What company are you representing?
  2. Why do you want to form an alliance with TCC?
  3. How will both companies benefit from this alliance?
  4. Please give a brief description of your company.
  5. Who can we contact follow this alliance request?
  6. Do you have any questions about this application or our company?

Staff at TCC are subjected to change the requirements and decline your application when we feel the need to.


If you have any inquires involving this handbook please do not hesitate to directly message someone situated in corporate. On behalf of the corporate team here at TCC we’d like to thank you for coming this far and reading our much prodigious handbook.

The Coffee Club


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