The Current Animation Editor is Unusable

I feel this is something that needs attention. I’d appreciate if a like is left on this post!

What are issues that bother me with the current animation editor?

1) Selecting the Rig
Currently, I am not allowed to animate a rig with parts that have the same name. This is a good idea on paper, however, not so much when the parts it is asking about has nothing to do with the rig itself.

As shown here, all detail-related parts are grouped under “details.” All parts that let the rig be animated is front and center. However, when we look in “details”…

We see the issue. Many parts here are wielded to the rig itself. While it would technically be an easy solution to re-name them, keep in mind there are roughly 50 or more parts like this. It’s deeply annoying to have to go through rigs, all set up like this, just to please the animator. I’d propose instead of a REQUIREMENT, rather a warning that parts have the same names. This way, it’s brought to the user’s attention but it is their choice if they want to go through with it or not.

2) Style of Animation
In previous iterations of the animation editor (months prior to recent updates and including the editor from 2016), there was an option to set interpolation. This allowed me to make sure parts were being moved and transformed in ways that were equal. In its most recent editor, it is gone and absent, as shown here.

Here it is shown in 2015’s animation editor.

As somebody that has at least a mild case of OCD, this makes it completely unworkable for me. I cannot go into animating knowing that the animation doesn’t have one leg sticking out farther than the other, and I have to find some tiny increment to fix it, only to struggle with it for half an hour before moving onto the next part. Please return the interpolation option. I don’t even understand what unorthodox reason was given to remove it.

I would hate to have to resort to old plugins, or even user-made plugins instead of what ROBLOX provided. It irritates me to no end to know that I cannot even fathom working on any of my projects because this is the only thing holding me back.