The current state of Bloxy Kart v4.0

Greetings! Bloxy Kart v4.0 is releasing June 18, 2022.

However, a big problem recently came up.

The developer that was working on Grand Prix tried to scam me, and I fired him.

I have been working really hard to expect Grand Prix mode to be finished before v4.0 released.

Now all Bloxy Kart v4.0 is is Bloxy Kart v3.0 with better UI, Kart Mechanics, and a functional item box system:

I do not know what to do now at this point, as I have been working on v4.0 since OCTOBER of 2021…

I have been also thinking of giving up the game to work full time on a new Project, since Bloxy Kart has been supported for almost 2 years.

What should I do for v4.0 to make the Single-player experience better?

Thanks in advance!


Don’t give up! You may have almost been scammed but you can’t let two years if hard work go down the drain, you’re to close! Try to find someone new to take his place who you can trust. What was his position?

For single player ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

I assume that you mean the time trials mode so I’ll start with a basic element that recently got removed as far as I know unless you readded it. The leader board. It would give players a challenge to beat and more reason to actually play!

Also, maybe you could add different cart parts that players can unlock when they get three stars on a level like bubble tires when they beat Under The Sea or maybe a lawn mower cart when that beat Small World (I hope I got that name right).

So, I really hope I helped and if I didn’t then I would love to support your new project!


Are you sure World Record mode is everything that is needed for Single Player wise? There was a very unfinished leaderboard system back in the beta stages.

(The 1th is just showing that the system is not yet finished)

And yeah, I definitely agree with kart parts being unlock able after beating a certain map, themed after the map.

Do you have any other replay value aspects that could work?

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No way, there could be way more that I haven’t thought of. I remember you saying something about a ghost, that would also be amazing if it were finished but if you didn’t do it then you had a good reason. Maybe a later update could be a ranked mode? Ranked modes seem really popular right now so it might work a little.

Ah yes, good old replay value. Umm… A campaign mode? I think it sounds like a dumb idea for Bloxy Cart but it’s an idea.

I’m thinking of all of this off the top of my head so I might blurt out some bad ideas. If I think of more I’ll dm you.

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According to good old reliable Ecosia, Campaign mode is the deleted Adventure Mode. It was deleted due to the limitations of v3.0, but with v4.0, it could come back. Is that was Campaign mode is?

Was adventure mode that free roam one? If so then I’m not sure. I’m thinking campaign like in ridge racer type 4 where you have the coach and have to win the races in order to be the champion.

No, it was this:

Hmm. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that but it looks fun! How come it was deleted?

The code for v2.4 is very different from the code in v3.0, as 3.0 was a rescripted version of v2.0 basically. Adventure mode in v2.0 was really buggy.

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Ok, well if you really want to finish Bloxy Kart, you could rewrite it to work with v4.0 along with any other ideas you like. If not, what’s your other project?

A re-creation of Animal Crossing.

Riiight. In that other topic.

Ya, I think both are good ideas. You should do what you think is best and I’ll support you either way. If you can find a new developer, stick with Bloxy Cart. If not, it might be best to save it for later.

You cannot overwork yourself just delay it by 2 weeks or more and tell them why and take your time and have a fresh launch for V4

Yeah I agree. Until something really feels new, v4.0 will be held off for now. Thanks for the idea.