The current state of the Developer Forum

I seriously hope not.

I rely on the DevForum for so many things.

I’d hate for it to go away.


I own the one about removing Roblox chat slowmode and it isn’t off topic. I want to know how to remove slowmode from my game for the chat.

Oh right. Well there are other categories for that, just so you know for next time! #help-and-feedback:scripting-support


Yeah, it especially hurts to see some users being promoted for being ‘well-known’ and then proceed to break the rules of a lot of the categories (and not get demoted as getting deranked is especially hard), on top of this, I’ve seen people who have never used the DevForum ever and still get promoted to regular. It hurts to see that my visits and revenue on the Roblox site are apparently worth more than my contributions on the DevForum for getting promoted.


@DevRelationsTeam Can we get a response regarding this? Are there any plans to improve the Developer Forum in the near future?


It’s so annoying I can’t even post form features here but reply Roblox say they were always make this feature request available but no, they lie

ew no you would get spammers flooding the chat at 3 am
Sometimes roblox shushes up truths, and it’s annoying

I’ve seen the anti-troll post sentiment going around for a while now, and I’ve often wondered whether poorly written topics are actually making development and/or use of the forum more difficult for users who want to use it seriously. I of course don’t encourage making useless posts but the topic of trolls has been discussed to death already and I really don’t think it’s helping anyone, especially considering there are ways to ignore a lot of the mess that’s here.

Most of the complaints I hear revolve around #development-discussion and the situation of moderation there, though with much of the spam being localized to that category it’s quite easy to just mute it and move on if it isn’t helpful to you. Despite the fact that many developers think it’s a nuisance to have on the forum in its current state, I personally think it’s very useful for preventing a lot of the trolls from seeping into categories like #help-and-feedback which many developers actually rely on. In my opinion, moderation shouldn’t be stressing over that category anyway when there isn’t a lot of good content to “find” through the mess there compared to other categories.

I don’t deny the current system for reporting bugs isn’t working as a long term solution, but staff are well aware of the demand and there’s no point for discussing it anymore.


He was talking about his own game

So you’re saying that Roblox shouldn’t change anything about the forum and simply allow the category to be filled with off-topic posts, troll posts and immature children?

I’m saying the trolls on that category aren’t detrimental to people trying to use the forum seriously and it’s not worth directing a lot of moderation attention to when a lot of the use people get out of the forum is in other categories. I’ve also heard this specific topic brought up in many feature requests over the past while and I don’t think all of them are really contributing anything new to the discussion.

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If trolls were let to run free then the forum would become much worse than it already is. The #development-discussion category is used for serious topics, not just troll topics so there is absolutely no reason why they should not moderate troll posts.

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I may have been sort of vague on my last reply but I’m not saying moderation should forget about Development Discussion and not check it, rather they shouldn’t direct any more resources to it than they already are. From my experience, major trolls get taken down within a few hours and the topics that stay up are often in a grey area rather than blatantly against guidelines, and considering #development-discussion isn’t as crucial to development as the support channels, I don’t think it’s worth it to increase the watch on it.

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Idc if something happens at 3 AM. 3 AM is just a specific time.

I have both (kinda). I’m an active DevForum member, I posted some valid bug reports, I went through PA successfully multiple times and I have a game with 10+ million visits.

What did I get for that? Nothing.

At this point I am so desperate that I would literally buy a regular rank if that was an option.


I dont have any of the fame on roblox but i got that fat activity levels



Why is this a bad thing? These people are the most likely to need access to the bug reports and feature requests categories.

Activity on the forum, in my experience browsing the forum and looking at who are the most active posters, does not really correlate to contribution to the ecosystem in the past few years IMO. We have a lot of “professional forum poster” and keyboard warriors on here and I don’t think all of those kind of active posters really need bug report or feature request access.

There should definitely be a way to gain access to post bug reports and feature requests more consistently, but it should not be tied to forum activity. It should be tied to how much you actually need this kind of access, e.g. to how much you use a specific platform feature. (if you use it a lot, you are a prime candidate for giving feedback)


It’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s more of the fact that is is unfair to those who legitimately try to get promoted so they can contribute more to the forum.

You’re correct about that. By activity I mainly meant those who actively make useful contributions to the Developer Forum, rather than those who reply to every topic posted.

I agree with this. Personally, I think it would be good for Roblox to have a better version of post-approval bought back so that anyone can be able to post bug reports and feature requests but still be approved before posting.


This still does not equate to a need to post bug reports and feature requests. Someone that is a hobbyist developer that touches Studio once a month probably does not have as much of a need to post platform feedback as someone who is trying to make a living off of the platform and touching it daily.

This doesn’t make sense either: it is not unfair to prioritize giving bug report and feature request access to those that need it most. (e.g. the people who are in the top X creators on the platform, rather than just actively posting on the forum and hobbying development on the side)

I think people should be given access to platform feedback ordered based on how bad they need it, and the speed of how fast people are added depends on how fast DevRel can scale the feedback categories up to handle the extra people posting.


I have to argue that ranking top-devs has issues too. I have come across multiple people that were ranked due to being a ‘popular’ developer and they have either created low-quality bug-reports / feature-requests (hardly any detail / missing major requirements) or outright breaking forum rules with their requests.

Sure, top-devs may ‘need’ the category more, however we need to face the reality that many of these people haven’t spent much (if any) time on the DevForum and are likely to write bug-reports and feature-requests much more poorly than someone who actively engages on the DevForum. In my opinion, the underlying issue is that top-devs are practically able to skip the member trust-level entirely and since barely anyone is ever ranked-down, they don’t have to care about whether they follow the rules or not, someone who has to work for the trust-level however learns to adopt the forum-rules and (probably) isn’t as likely to start breaking them constantly.