The current state of the Developer Forum

How would it be determined if the user needs access to the categories or not though? Some developers frequently use Studio but have little to no presence on the Developer forum but still file bug reports

  1. It IS unfair.
  2. Why do you think that “top devs” need these categories the most?
    Somehow I don’t see many bug reports or feature requests coming from these “top devs”.

I’m not a “top dev” yet I had a few bug reports approved and many more on my to-do list, however I don’t write them due to the inefficiency of Bug-Support.


Yeah same here. I’ve attempted to report quite a few bugs but many just get ignored by Bug Support.


What’s your definition of “top dev” here? Why would you not be a top creator yet?

If you use Studio a lot, you should be in queue to rank up IMO. I meant “top creators” as in the top people in terms of Studio usage. Not based on financial performance or whatever other criteria – please try not to put words in my mouth.

It’s stupid simple: they already have metrics on studio usage time and other feature engagement metrics.


I see. I honestly didn’t know they kept track of that.

I thought you had been referring to top developers in terms of games that they have developed.

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Just came across someone today who was ranked for having a ‘popular’ game, they joined the forum this year so there is no other reason for them getting regular. The user is actively breaking forum rules (especially in categories only regular can post on) and is refusing to follow the rules even when asked to do so. This proves my point that not every ‘successful’ developer is fit for regular on the DevForum.


Thank you

I agree immensely. At least once a day, you most likely to see a “opinions on this Roblox update” dev discussion post.

Then you have the arguments, because some people don’t respect your opinion or resource. People go out of their way a lot to start silly and unnecessary arguments and almost never get to the point. My respect level for certain developers has gone down for this reason.

Thats the end of my rant, thank you.


Honestly, any report that the moderation team gets, no matter what, they’ll take down the post. I’ve had numerous posts get taken down for no reason, when they were completely legit posts that never should have gotten taken down. Everyone always says the moderation on here is “better” than Roblox’s moderation, but it honestly isn’t.

I highly doubt that’s true; there’s been plenty of times where I’ve flagged a post and the post continues to stay up months later.

Also, “completely legit posts” sounds subjective, do you have any examples of posts you made that were taken down?


A developer said that they were having trouble with their experience loading properly in studio. They said that they were camping. I responded saying you probably shouldn’t develop while camping. That got taken down for “off topic reply”…

Another topic was me talking about the audio update; That got taken down, for no reason. (So I posted another, and that didn’t get taken down.)

I have to agree with moderation here, I’m pretty sure depending on your speeds, you can get perfectly good speeds on 4G.

Either way, talking about people’s decisions on where to develop isn’t really of relevance.

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I have to totally agree. For WEEKS I’ve been plagued by a bug that is stopping me from properly using Studio. I would’ve submitted a bug report instantly, but no, instead I have to be regular to post one. Like why? Everyone should be allowed to post a bug report, not just regulars.
Roblox Developer Relations, PLEASE change this and allow members to make bug reports.

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You can message @Bug-Support team about the bug, you have to do this if you wanna post a bug report as a member.


You actually can do that, but it’s just way slower. By messaging @Bug-Support, you can submit bugs. I totally agree though, it is a bit unfair because you don’t usually get regular very quickly on the forum… I rarely ever see anyone get chosen to be a regular but it does specifically say, ‘Level up to Regular is currently available by invitation only.’ It’s a bit unfair.

Sorry for the wall of text. I really don’t know how to split my text up into smaller parts…

(This is probably one of the longest replies i’ve ever done lol)

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