The Death Wall | Alpha 0.2 Released!

Hello everyone!

The Death Wall is back with another update. Featuring a new map, map voting system and yet another back-end revamp, alongside a few small changes to existing features. Let's see what's new.

Alpha 0.2 Changes and Features


- You no longer collide with the death wall when it's stopped. This will fix an ongoing issue where players in certain maps would have to wait for the wall to move back before they can attempt to reach the finish line. Simply pass through the wall freely when it's not moving.

- The coin shop has now been altered. From 2k,5k and 11k coins available, you can now purchase 5k,15k and 30k. The only difference being the 30k variant costs 50 Robux more.

- Prevented a potential game breaking bug with the in-game shop items.

- Changed the way the game detects map changes, including referencing game objects. Now moved to Collection Service, the game will be more optimized and less space for bugs.


- Two new trails! Golden Ray and Blue Tide are cheap and pretty trails to equip your character with.

- Brand new map, Icy Peaks! This map features a slippery floor, deadly ice spikes that you have to jump over and a cute penguin named Mr. Blue. Preview on the thumbnail above.

- Tutorial is now in place for all new players! This shortly written tutorial will explain the game and everything you need to know before you play it.

- Map voting! You are now capable of voting for a map of your choice instead of always letting the computer decide for itself.

- Private servers have been enabled! For only 100 Robux you can enjoy a private game with your friends.

That's all for today folks! Thank you for your continuos support and over 90 visits! Check out the game below or follow our Twitter account for future updates.

Don't forget to use code ALPHALAUNCH for 10,000 coins!

The Death Wall