The Dev Forum mobile app icon is broken

So about 3 days ago, I opened the DevForum app on my Galaxy S22. I noticed that the Roblox Studio icon was very small for some reason. It doesn’t break anything, it just looks weird, especially right next to the Roblox app icon. That’s… all the information I have. Like I said, it isn’t really that important, but it’s still weird.

Screenshot_20220908-074412_One UI Home~2


Already reported it here :sweat_smile:


I think they might’ve used the wrong image. But this happened to me when i was somewhere. Check each time :)

Update: It’s even smaller now. Pretty funny if I’m being honest. You can fit the Studio logo into the Roblox logo now, lol.
Screenshot_20220910-182644_One UI Home

As stated in this thread, the icon will constantly keep on getting smaller until it is basically no longer even visible.

Update please? Barely see mine at this point


It seems fine for me, it’s been here for like months

Probably launcher dependent

This duplicates the link marked in the solution. Locking this one!