The Developer Hub Should Also Be Linked with Our Roblox Account

Greetings developers,

As you may already know, the Developer Hub is an extremely useful resource and provides insight on everything that there is in the Roblox engine. This site even has detailed and step-by-step tutorials on creating some commonly used contraptions.

Because the Hub is such a helpful source, I believe that we should be able to personalize it. What I mean is that our Roblox accounts should be connected to the Developer Hub (like the Forum). At the top right corner, our avatar should be displayed and by clicking on it, we would have several options like preferences, sign out, and etc.

With this linked account feature, what I also request is:

  • the ability to bookmark :bookmark: API references and articles. This way it is easier to find them later on.
  • being able to configure the site :gear: such as having control of toggling dark theme (as discussed in this post), notification settings :bell: (of new articles/API references), what should be displayed/pinned in the home screen, and more.
  • (alternative to bookmarking, or on top of it) the ability to create folders :file_folder: and add articles and API references to them. This would allow us to group useful resources under one collection, therefore making it easier to find them.

Sample Scenario of Folders:

Suppose we are working on a racing game, but we need a bit more knowledge on how to create a functioning car and would also like some insight on constraints. With this folder feature added, we can easily create a folder named “Racing Game” and be able to add the two articles above inside. Then the next time we come back to work on this project, we can simply open this folder and we would have the necessary resources right in front of us! However, without this feature, we may forget what articles we needed for this game the next time we come back.

Sample UI Examples

Home screen, with our avatar at the top right corner:

The top of an article/API reference with the option to bookmark and add to folder:

As you can see, being able to log in with our Roblox accounts for the Developer Hub would be extremely useful and has great potential. Personalized features would allow developers to quickly and easily access the articles/API references they find most useful in a matter of seconds, which would improve our development experience significantly.

Just Why Would This Be Very Useful?

Thank you to @PeZsmistic for bringing this question up. As @TheRings0fSaturn replied, the personalized feature would allow for bookmarks and saves to be accessible from all devices, unlike the traditional browser bookmarks which would not save like the former. Also, saving a lot of articles/API references using the browser bookmark system can get very disorganizing. Creating more folders to organize better would simple not cut it because having to click on a bookmark that is nested within multiple folders can get quite annoying. Therefore, implementing a personalized Hub with a way to sort articles/API references would prove to be quicker and more efficient.

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Thank you for your time and feedback,
and have a wonderful time developing!


It seems like the majority of what you’re suggesting is covered already by your browser’s bookmark functionality. Why would bookmarks and folders built into the devhub be more useful?

Notifications on new articles / API references might be interesting, but it sounds very noisy. Wouldn’t devforum announcements be sufficient? A new feature or API extension is likely to be announced or mentioned in release notes on the forum, so if you’re interested you should be able to just seek out the documentation yourself, no?

Also, I’ve made a dark theme for the devhub. :wink:


Simple: itd save across platforms, rather than needing to manually find each article on a new computer or your phone.

Plus bookmarking in most browsers is kinda clunky since they’re not displayed on a dedicated page - they’re usually put below the omnibar.

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You could probably add bookmarks and folders using some type of browser extension to save these details locally. Obviously a built-in system would be better but I’m just voicing my thoughts.

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