The Developer Stats .CSV needs to provide Place Visit Data

The .CSV is a downloadable file that you can access by clicking “Developer Stats” on your game, and clicking the “Data Export” tab. This document provides tons of useful information related to your game’s revenue, however it does not provide place visit data. I believe this is a major oversight.

Here’s a relatively raw screenshot of Apocalypse Rising’s .CSV from December 1st, 2015. Notice there is no place visit data present.

Developers need this information for comparing data at different points in time! At the moment, it is impossible for us to compare the revenue between two monetization updates, for example. All I have to go off of is how much money was made. This information is nearly useless if I don’t know how many players visited the game on any particular day. How am I supposed to compare monetization strategies? Or ad effectiveness? I want to see a graph of my game’s “Average Robux Earned Per Visit” but without place visit data in the .CSV, this is not possible.

I imagine developers would be able to use this data much more effectively if such a statistic was provided on a per place/device basis.

Thanks for listening.


Support. This could be as simple as another spreadsheet that gives us general data per day instead of revenue data per transaction.

This would let us create our own graphs and charts to better track monetization strategies.


I would like ROBLOX to track the Return on Investment for individual ad units.