The DevForum should have it's own log-in system

Often, when I try to log into the DevForum, I get an error because I’m logged into one of my alternative accounts, and have to log into my main, log into the DevForum, and then log out of my main and back into my alt account. It’s a pain.

I think there should be some sort of built-in log-in system, using your password and username/email/phone number, and maybe keep the automatic log-in system we have now as a setting.

Just so I’m not misunderstood again:

This is the error.

Or Roblox can simply allow you log in to few accounts and switching between accounts.

Maybe don’t be logged into your alt then? Use a different browser? Use an incognito window?


This isn’t a solution. I don’t just log into my alt for no reason, often I log into it to either start fresh on a game or play the game without risk of loosing items on my main. I don’t feel like throwing that away just so I can log into a forum.

The fact that I have to open an new browser, weither it works or not, isn’t a good design choice, It needlessly extends the time to log into the forums (as automatic log-ins do).

But wouldn’t this just be an extension of the initial topic?

It kind of is. I use three different browsers for three different accounts (disclaimer: I’m dumb and don’t know how to launch multiple instances of an application). Log into the account you want to be logged onto when using the DevForum. Simple.

DevForum can’t exactly get its own log-in system because it uses SSO and the idea is completely pointless because of SSO. DevForum accounts are meant to be tied to Roblox accounts. Don’t use your alt when you’re going to the DevForum. You can afford to take a couple of seconds/minutes to switch accounts before coming here.