The DownTown Of Hyber Pulse

An upcoming game, just thought to put out leaks of it, i wanted to know what’s your opinion on the graphic design and the building quality. More Leaks will be out soon.

Thanks :slight_smile:


It looks decent. I personally do not use such bright colours when working with neon. But it’s good so keep it up. Looking forward to the game.

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This build is pretty lacking in detail, for starters. I recommend adding objects like pillars, pipes, electronics, and other things you can think of in poor-detail areas to fill in the space.
Secondly, the graphics used are less than ideal. The bloom is so large that it hurts your eyes, and the colors of objects in the picture are way too vibrant. Try to desaturate them.


Thanks for your recommendation, the changes which you have recommended will be applied eventually.

I can’t see anything in the foreground, the shadows are all wack. It’s a nice build tho

It looks good, but you should improve the lighting, it looks very dark.

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