The Dragon-Wolf Alliance Instructions

Joining The Group

  1. Click this link.
    The Dragon-Wolf Alliance - Roblox

  2. Click Join.

  3. Look up on your screen, and click the refresh page button.

  4. Look at your rank. It should say member.


  1. Now scroll a bit down to the group’s experiences, and click on the experience called “Apply For A Rank!”.

  2. Now click on the sideways triangle button.

  3. When Roblox opens, click one of the ranks in the list. Scroll up or down to see more.

  4. After clicking a rank, answer the questions in the best way you can.

  5. Once you’ve finished your application, close Roblox. Now go back to the group and go to the group wall. Once you’re there, type a message saying you’ve applied, and in 1-10 business days, you’ll get your rank!
    Example Message:

That’s all for now! If you have any questions, message @FakeDragonWolf! :wolf: