The Dragon-Wolf Alliance Updates

The Dragon-Wolf Alliance is an active group that allows all kinds of people!

In this DevForum post, I will be posting updates about the group.
These could be minor updates like fixing bugs in an experience, or it could be major, and maybe it could be about a new experience added to the group!
Watch out for new updates!


Escape Room Experience: O_O
Group: The Dragon-Wolf Alliance
Official Staff Member Group: The Dragon-Wolf Alliance (Staff Only)

Our escape room experience, called “O_O”, does not have a tutorial GUI anymore. The tutorial is in the description.

Our escape room experience, called “O_O”, has a new look. I added arrows with numbers to show you the steps. (For example, follow the green arrow with the number one to find the in-game tutorial that I recently added.) This may help with any confusion related to the tutorial.