The Dunes | Cinematic Trailer Feedback

Recently had a trailer created for my current project; “The Dunes”.

The Lore:

The Dunes: a post-apocalyptic RPG adventure where the player uncovers the mysteries of an unfamiliar wasteland. Explore, craft, and discover the why you ended up stranded here in the first place as you traverse a vast open world.

Without further ado, our cinematic trailer:

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That’s so cool are trailers hard to make?


Looks professional quality; I love the strong atmosphere. My only critique is that the bouncy transitions in the second half of the trailer break the mood slightly for me; I think it would look better to use a flicker or cross blur effect there instead of the dramatic zooming.


They had us in the first half, not gonna lie.
I had such a high expectation, I thought it’s going to be the Western edition of Dawn of Aurora, at least with the same quality. I was super excited!
Truly disappointed.

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Very unfortunate that you were disappointed. Could you provide any feedback for us to improve it?

The first part of the video legit made me thought that the game is insanely good, cause I didn’t think that a normal game would need such a good vid. I guess I was wrong. It’s not even your demo video’s fault, just the game is bad. It might seem alright if you compare it with Da Hood, but with actual good games like Dawn of Aurora, I think you can self evaluate pretty well.
I didn’t say the game was bad, but much worse than my expectations given by the first part of the video.