The Dunes | Multiplayer FPS

I made a similar topic to this a few months ago, however, we have made a lot of progress since then!

Thanks to the continued hard work of our developers (credits) at Project Puppy, we are on track to release our game into the Pre-Alpha testing stage within the next few months.

“The Dunes” is a desert/wasteland RPG -
You are woken up in a post-apocalyptical future and tasked with gaining knowledge and information of where you are and what happened.

It appears that you have a severe case of amnesia, why not pick up a gun and act like nothing ever happened?


Over the past month, we have been progressing our development to, again, release very soon.

Our Pre-Alpha release will include the bare minimum of features in order to showcase what we are capable of doing, as well as providing a fun and replayable experience to all of our players.




Viewport Animations

The core of the gunscripts have not been completed yet


Yeah, we have tanks

Our map is currently not so populated with buildings, however, this will change in the near future.

We are open to feedback and criticism, speak your mind so that we can improve in the future!

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Oh god, that looks amazing ! I love the terrain and ambience, also, what is the little fire icon on the UI ?

it looks sick am hyped to play!!!1!

Map is a bit too bright in my opinion

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