The Easter Event 2020: Guide to the Eggs

Hello, my name is Radiogamer, and like every Easter I’m writing a full guide in order to assist the egg hunting community collect all the official eggs for this year’s Easter. As much information will be filled in to aid one in getting the eggs, as well as for any other relevant content that is involved in this event.


Similar to the event in 2019, this event focuses on games made by several developers of the community participating in this event. Within each game, a single egg is hidden and can be collected once the player has completed one or more objectives within the game.

There’s no central game or hub for this event however, only the games and their eggs.


Certain gear are available to be used, which provides special properties within this event only:

  • Eggphone
    The eggphone provides access to your collection within the games as well as providing brief information regarding each egg, their games and objectives.

  • Eggmin Cannon 9000
    This launcher launches the Eleggtrifying Eggmin of 2020. This launcher is automatically given to Roblox administrators.

  • Star Creaeggtor Cannon 9001
    This launcher launches the Star Creaeggtor Egg. This launcher is automatically given to Roblox video stars.

  • Eggveloper Cannon 9002
    This launcher launches the Eggveloper Egg of “X,Y,Z”. This launcher is automatically given to Roblox developers of the event.


Without further ado, let’s begin with the eggs. The gameplay for the games will not be elaborated, as there are many games involved, thus providing a wide diversity in this. Tips are given instead to assist in getting a small advantage in the game. Spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with the gameplay.

  • Eleggtrifying Eggmin of 2020
    Location: Launcher supported games (noticeable by an awardable badge)
    This egg can only be found after being launched by the Eggmin Cannon 9000. Once launched, the egg will remain obtainable for a small amount of time.

  • Star Creaeggtor Egg
    Location: Launcher supported games (noticeable by an awardable badge)
    This egg can only be found after being launched by the Star Creaeggtor Cannon 9001. Once launched, the egg will remain obtainable for a small amount of time.

  • Eggveloper Egg of “X,Y,Z”
    Location: Launcher supported games (noticeable by an awardable badge)
    This egg can only be found after being launched by the Eggveloper Cannon 9002. Once launched, the egg will remain obtainable for a small amount of time.

  • FabergEgg of the New Decade
    Location: Post-event
    This egg is automatically awarded after the event to every player that managed to find all 49 eggs found in their games. The 3 launcher eggs are not required and do not count for this egg.

  • Roundcat Egg
    Location: Super Doomspire (Launcher supported)
    Striped eggs needs to be collected and are dropped by KO-ed players and blowing up the map. A bunch of eggs are also dropped on the winner podium after each round. Eggs have a small mark visible through parts, which should help finding them. Movement abilities, such as the sword’s lunge, are useful to shorten the distance.
    The egg is awarded after having collected your 30 eggs.

  • Adopt Me, Chick!
    Location: Adopt me!
    Select the Easter option to be gifted a free egg. This Easter 2020 Egg would need to hatch. Over time you will be given quests for your egg, such as feeding or washing your egg. Everytime a quest is completed, the egg progresses in hatching. You can navigate to the location of your quest in case you got lost.
    Once 4 quests have been completed, the egg hatches into a chick and the egg is awarded.

  • My Droplegg
    Location: My Droplets
    Upon joining, you will be notified of a quest to bring 6 unique flowers to the Giant Droplet Bunny. Flowers are found at the following locations:

    1. Right of the Cuddle Cafe.
    2. At the beach.
    3. Left at the entrance of the Droplet Adoption Center.
    4. Left of Farmers Market.
    5. Left of the toy store.
    6. Found down the road in the neighborhood.

    Once all 6 flowers are brought, the egg is awarded.

  • Deteggctive W. Wolf
    Location: A Wolf Or Other
    This eggs spawns somewhere random on the map and the first to grab it holds it and will get to keep the egg if he manage to survive till the end of the round. The wolf will steal the egg if he kills the player holding it, and the player (either the hunter or an innocent after taking the hunter’s weapon) automatically gets it upon killing the wolf if the wolf holds it. Your best chances are as a wolf due the high mobility, ability to detect other players on the map and the ability to steal it from other players. Once stolen, you can decide to kill all other players or go into hiding for the remainder of the round.
    As long as you hold the egg and live at the end of the round, the egg is awarded.

  • Eggcicle
    Location: Ski Resort (Launcher supported)
    You would need to drive over all 11 ramps in one session. Start by heading to the lift and travel to the top of the mountain. At the top, take a right and head further up to the highest ramp on the map. Up here, start putting down your snowboard and head down, taking the first ramp with you. 8 ramps are found in the central area of the resort. Red arrows mark a path leading to 2 more ramps, each found left and right of the map. You can slow down to get a good angle for driving over the ramps.
    The egg is awarded once all 11 ramps have been done.

  • Epic Egg
    Location: Epic Minigames (Launcher supported)
    This egg can only be obtained during the Juggernaut round on the Easter Island map while not being the juggernaut. During this round, 1 random player is selected to become the juggernaut while the rest are assigned to slay him. You have a better accuracy while being closer to the juggernaut, but also risk being killed by him.
    Several eggs are dropped once the juggernaut has been slain within the time limit, allowing the surviving players to collect it.

  • Eg
    Location: Eg! (Launcher supported)
    Start by heading towards the forest temple, found in the dark forest located in the corner of the map right from the fall colored forest. If you have the green teleport unlocked, you can use this as a shortcut.
    At temple, head inside and platform through the hall. Here you will find 3 entrances all colored by their respective key:

    • Green: Simply platform your way to the end to reach the key.
    • Red: Take a look at the celing for a pattern. Walk over the buttons following the pattern on the ceiling until the puzzle is solved. Head back outside and a new room is revealed with the key.
    • Blue: Jump down a few blocks and look for a hole in the wall on the right. The key is hidden in here

    Once you have all keys, head back outside to the locked gateway found next to the entrance. Step on the pedestal to open the ancient gateway and enter to find the egg.

  • Supercharged Striker Egg
    Location: Super Striker League (Launcher supported)
    During the match, the egg will be dropped on the map with a forcefield. Power-ups and the ball that impact it will slowly shatter the forcefield. After 3 hits, the forceshield shatters. Projectile power-ups are a good option to use due being ranged and can be hold on to until the last blow.
    The egg is automatically awarded to the player dealing the final blow on the forcefield.

  • Giga Zombegg
    Location: Zombie Strike (Launcher supported)
    Join or create a room that will play the boss mode for the Egg Mech Zombie. This mode lets you face off against the boss at once. Ensure to keep firing at the boss while following its patterns to avoid its attacks. Prioritize defeating the rabbit minions when they spawn as they can deal rapid damage if you let them get close.
    Successfully defeating this boss awards the egg to the entire party.

  • Egg of Hearts
    Location: Astral Hearts (Launcher supported)
    Start by joining the Easter event and pick one of either characters. Head to Chesy and she’ll explain about a hidden egg. You would need to gather 5 heart shards for this egg obtained from slain enemies, thus head into the dark forest. You’ll first encounter slimes, where 2 shards can be found from. Once collected, head deeper into the forest to encounter forest sentinels. 2 shards are obtained form them as well. Finally, head even further into the Wraith Garden to find ether wraiths. The last shard is obtained from them. Indicators show where you can still find shards.
    The egg is awarded once all 5 shards are collected.

  • Eggmunition
    Location: Bad Business (Launcher supported)
    This egg has a chance to be awarded upon getting a kill. There’s no real strategy for this egg other than just make kills until you get it.

  • Royal Egg of the Bearers
    Location: BEAR (Launcher supported)
    A key is hidden within each map. Once found, it will open the locked door in the lobby that will lead to a new area. The key is kept regardless whether you survived the round or not.
    In this new map, grab the note found in the corner which contains clues. In the same room are paintings. Link the quote to the correct painting to get an order and note the color code on the paintings. Enter this code in the other room to reveal the entrance to the next area.
    In this space area, parkour your way to end, dodging the lasers and fire. At the end, press the button to release the egg for grabbing.

  • Swarming Egg of the Hive
    Location: Bee Swarm Simulator
    Talk to Sun bear found left of the hives. He explains about escaped chicks and ask you to help 3 other bears with this. The most accessible bears are the following:

    • Black bear found right from the hives. He wants you to check the sunflower field and capture 3 chicks here.
    • Mother bear found past the sunflower field. She wants you to level up your bees and capture the spotted chick found indoors.
    • Brown bear found past the clover field. He wants you to defeat the commando chick found past the vines to the left. Level up your bees (especially after Mother bear’s quest), buy at least the scissors from the shop to cut down the vines. Platform through to find and capture the commando chick.

    Once 3 bears have been helped, return to Sun bear to claim your egg.

  • Egg of Hidden Treasures
    Location: Build A Boat For Treasure (Launcher supported)
    Upon joining, you will be given an egg as part. This egg needs to be part of your boat. Once set, head down the river. There’s a chance you will encounter the castle area with the fiery dragon surrounding it. Avoid getting burnt by the dragon and get near it. If you have the egg with you, the dragon will grab you and drop you on the castle, breaking through the stained glass.Inside, the egg awaits to be picked up.

  • Eggsplosive Artifact of Energy
    Location: Deathrun Gameshow! (Launcher supported)
    Spread throughout the map (for both runners and killers) are energy cores. You would need to collect 15 of them. You can even collect them while you have died. They are a bit jumpy though.
    Once 15 has been collected, head to the center of the lobby, jump down the crater and activate the drill to be awarded the egg.

  • Dragon Eggventure
    Location: Dragon Adventures (Launcher supported)
    Head to the mother dragon found at the wooden bridges. She explains about her lost eggs and tells you to head to the grasslands. Head there through the teleporter.
    Once here, you can find various pieces of the note around the map. Collect 3 pieces to complete the note and be granted access to the temple. Head inside and solve the colored tile puzzle by sliding the colored tiles on the correct pattern. Once completed, head further in and solve the pipes puzzle by connecting the pipes together. Once done, head in the water and swim down to fight the boss. Equip your dragon and simply attack till the boss dies.
    Head back to the mother dragon to complete the quest and be rewarded with the egg.

  • Samurai Egg
    Location: Dungeon Quest!s (Launcher supported)
    Start a game on the Egg Island. On this island, pick a class you’re most comfortable with and start the dungeon. The warrior with his egg bombs is a good pick to clear this mission with. Simply hack 'n slash your way forward, defeating all enemies with your weapons and abilities.
    The egg is awarded to the party upon defeating the Egg Mech.

  • Chocolate Bunny Egg
    Location: Egg Simulator (Launcher supported)
    There are 10 special Easter quests that are required to be completed. Everything can be done on the first island, with the present being the more rare spawn.
    Once all 10 quests have been completed and their clues claimed, the final reward can be claimed, including this egg.

  • Marine Egghibit
    Location: Flop (Launcher supported)
    Somewhere in the house lies a golden egg. When a player grabs this egg, it is his and a new golden egg spawns for others. Once you have gotten yourself your golden egg, head to the kitchen and get the egg in the frying pan. Drop it to bake the egg. Next, carry this omelet towards the dining table to feed it to the noob Guest.
    Once fed, the egg will be burped out ready to be collected.

  • Ghastly Egg
    Location: Ghost Simulator (Launcher supported)
    Follow the egg path into the portal to Easter Land. Once here, talk to Egg Hunter Ella and she will explain how to get the egg from Fluffy. Follow her quests in order to obtain the golden carrot. You can equip your hoverboard for increased speed.
    Once the golden carrot has been obtained, head to the Easter Castle and, with the golden carrot, you’ll be able to get past the castle guard. Finally, head into the boss room.
    During the fight, keep attacking Fluffy to drop his shield. When he’s stunned, head up close to deplete his health. Continue doing this while dodging his attacks. The hoverboard is useful for the higher speed to avoid his egg roll and laser attacks.
    Once defeated, the egg is awarded to all surviving players.

  • Tenteggcle Alien
    Location: Theme Park: Gravity Oasis (Launcher supported)
    Eggliens attacked and stole the theme park’s egg. You are tasked to collect 3 pieces of salvage by riding rollercoasters. Simply ride any coaster to get a piece of salvage. You can repeat the same coaster for this. Once 3 pieces are obtained head to the teleport found on the right as you enter the theme park. You will be teleported to the Eggliens’ ship.
    Once here, you are tasked to retrieve the egg. Get the ladder from the room found next to you and climb up and through the vent. At the end, operate the keypad. A failed hack attempt will trigger the security. Go through the newly opened hall while avoiding the lasers. Grab the keycard at the end and make your way back and use the keypad again.
    Head into the cockpit and press the glowing white buttons until the door to the storage room opens.
    Head through the storage room while dodging the search lights and the patrolling egglien. At the egglien, you you need to find 3 cogs. Find them nearby and operate the cogs to open the door. Parkour your way past the lasers to the egg.
    Grab it and dash off to the escape pod to escape the ship with the egg in hand.

  • Heroic Egg of Owlsomeness
    Location: Hero Havoc (Launcher supported)
    Head into the town and talk to the Easter bunny found near the old lady. Owols took the eggs and you are tasked to get 10 eggs back from them. Owols are found in the forest. Use the portal to travel to the forest. Owols are found here near the portal and will drop eggs as you fight them. Make sure to pick them up during the battle.
    Once 10 eggs are obtained, head back to the Easter bunny to turn in your quest and be awarded the egg.

  • Wicked Egg of Calamity
    Location: Hotel Stories (Launcher supported)
    In the lobby, ready up for the Easter Corruption map.
    To start, head to the Easter Festival. Grab some food from the table, which can be used later on to restore some health. An earthquake shakes up the festival, allowing you to find a not suspicious cake. Eating this cake shrinks you down, allowing you to find a nearby rabbit hole. Benny appears and frightens you, causing you to go down this rabbit hole.
    Benny explains about serpents that stole his egg. Follow him further down, passing the digging moles on your way. Next, bring some carrots to Benny, allowing him to grant you a slingshot for combat and build a bridge to progress. Once the bridges are passed, you will need to fight some serpents using the slingshots. Once defeated, progress on, shooting down the barrier and getting through the maze. At the throne room, one final combat with serpents awaits you before you can get your egg.
    The egg is obtained shortly after this fight. The boss fight that follows is optional as the egg is already obtained before that.

  • Brainfreeze Egg
    Location: Break In (Story) (Launcher supported)
    During the game, when you can explore the streets, gather 5 pieces of ice and bring them to Chilly Charlie near your house. This can be done right from the start if done fast. Be careful as the ice damages and trips you. Once 5 pieces of ice are returned, the Easter portal activates and can be entered on the third day. Progress the story till this day.
    Once you have entered the portal, you will be placed in a boss arena. The Devilied Egg will start attacking you, so dodge his attacks. Fight back when the egg has cooled down.
    Do this till all his hearts are depleted to defeat the egg, locking it in ice and be awarded the egg.

  • Invasion Egg
    Location: Mad City (Launcher supported)
    Start the game as a hero (which has a much easier time to traverse the map) and head to the right towards the Easter part of the map. At the location marked with an egg is a pedestal, and 5 eggs must be brought here. These bright eggs can be find around this Easter area. Find them and bring them here. Once 5 eggs are placed, a timer starts to teleport players to the boss.
    The egg is awarded to each player that is at the pedestal by the time this teleport initiates. The boss fight that follows is optional as the egg is already obtained before that.

  • Lost Egg of the Minery
    Location: Minery (Launcher supported)
    A location is marked where the egg resides. Note your own location and start mining your way to this location. Unmineable blocks are present to help you keep a path to the egg.
    The egg resides at the given location, ready to be collected.

  • The Eggtherian
    Location: Monsters of Etheria (Launcher supported)
    For a casual approach, enter the roleplay teleport.
    At the town, talk to Leonard and learn about his missing painting supplies. You will need to explore nearby wells for his paint. Travel to the wells marked with a colored beacon to collect that color. Make sure you collect the required colors. Deliver the paint back at the egg at Leonard.
    Once all required colors are collected, the egg explodes revealing the collectible egg.

  • Shady Subjeggct
    Location: MURDER (Launcher supported)
    A random bystander will be given the egg to wear. When this bystander is killed by the murderer, the egg is awarded to both the murderer and the bystander.
    If you are the bystander, it’s best to get killed by the murderer in case you got the egg.
    As the murderer, try to find the bystander with the egg and prevent revealing yourself while doing so to lessen the chance of being shot. Go in for the kill to get the egg.

  • Egg of the High Skies
    Location: Plane Crazy (Launcher supported)
    An ancient egg is located on a floating island held up by propellers. Use your plane to get on this island. The egg doesn’t let itself grab that easily and will flee from you. Instead, try to lure it inside the house.
    Once inside the house, the egg will rest, allowing you to grab it.

  • Gourmet Egg
    Location: Restaurant Tycoon 2 (Launcher supported)
    Head to the furniture shop EKEA and talk to the receptionist Wendy. Keep talking to her until she opens a secret door besides her. Head in here to find a hidden library. Talk to Chef Luigi and he’ll allow you to check out the books. Find the glowing book and grab it to open a secret passage. Take the book in here and attempt to leave. Luigi will stop you and offer you one page with the special recipe if you can complete his minigame. This minigame is a casual Bejeweled like game. Swap food to connect 3 or more of the same food next to each other to progress. Repeat until the bar is full.
    Once completed, Luigi hands you a new recipe for the gourmet omelet. Progress through your restaurant until you get an order for the gourmet omelet.
    The egg is awarded once this recipe has been prepared once.

  • Despacitegg
    Location: Robloxian High School (Launcher supported)
    You will need to find 5 spiders found around the map. Each spider is set at a location. You can use the explore option to quickly teleport around:

    1. Within supermarket at the fruits and vegetables.
    2. Within the pet shop inside a dog kennel.
    3. Within the central park under the bridge.
    4. Within the Wardrobe clothing shop at the wigs.
    5. Within the school at the auditorium inside the popcorn machine.

    Once all 5 spiders have been found, egg is awarded.

  • Eggobot
    Location: Robot Inc. (Launcher supported)
    Around the map are eggs to be found. You need to complete 2 egg missions for the egg, one asking to find 5 eggs followed by the other to find 10, making this 15 eggs in total.
    Once 15 eggs have been found and the second mission completed, the egg is awarded.

  • Eggchanted
    Location: Royale High (Launcher supported)
    Upon joining, start go to the egg hunt event. In this battle you can fly around shoot arrows from your bow. Your task is to shoot enemies in order to daze them and have them drop the egg. Players who are dazed cannot play until they are saved by a teammate.
    Collect 3 eggs in order to be awarded the egg.

  • Saber Boss Egg
    Location: Saber Simulator (Launcher supported)
    Head to the Easter event portal and talk to the golden bunny. You are asked to collect 100 eggs found here. Once 100 have been found, return to the bunny to learn the key has been stolen while you were busy. The gate opens, revealing a path. Go here and platform your way across the lava. Grab out your saber and defeat the bunny boss here to retrieve the key.
    Return they key to the bunny to be rewarded with the egg.

  • Egg of Cthulhu
    Location: Scuba Diving at Quill Lake Remastered (Launcher supported)
    Follow the egg marked path to the stone tower and talk to Howard Phillips. You are tasked to retrieve the egg from the temple in the stone tower.
    Head inside the stone tower and go down. Pass through the caverns to reach the temple. You will need to collect both the red and blue key from their respective rooms to break the barrier.

    • Red key: Head in the red room and solve both the memory and lights puzzle to progress. Collect the red key after the puzzles have been completed.
    • Blue key: Head in the blue room and platform your way across. Next, dive in the water and get through the underwater cavern. Finally, cross the phasing bridge to reach the blue key. Return through the opened shortcut.

    With both keys in hand, place them on their pedestals to deactivate the barrier and reveal the egg. Collect the egg to be done. Turning in the egg is optional as the egg is already obtained before that.

  • Egg of the Shard Seeker
    Location: Shard Seekers
    To enter the observatory, you will need to find 2 keys.

    • Fire key: Follow the path marked with red pillars. Head inside the shed at the end to find this key in the basement.
    • Ice key: Follow the path marked with blue pillars. Head inside the cave at the end to find this key.

    With both keys in hand, enter the observatory to find the egg, ready to be collected.

  • Eggraging Shark of the Sea
    Location: SharkBite (Launcher supported)
    The shark is let loose with a key attached to it. As a survivor, you need to grab this key without being eaten. A friendly shark makes this much easier to accomplish.
    Once the key has been obtained, a hatch within the lobby will open, revealing the egg for collecting.

  • Britannegg
    Location: Sinking Ship Roblox Britannic (Launcher supported)
    Enter the boat through the event teleport from the lobby. You will spawn next to Captain Charlie, who requires you to help locate his lost scroll. He asks you to find his crew member on the bow of the ship. Head there and talk to the crew member Darrel to learn that a bird took it to the other side of the ship. Head all the way to the stern of the ship to find the crew member Dave, who explains the scroll is now in the hands of the nurse. Thus, head to the grand staircase to find the nurse at E deck. Retrieve the scroll from her and return it to the captain.
    Once the scroll is returned, the egg is awarded.

  • Eggcentric Time Capsule
    Location: Speed Race (Launcher supported)
    This egg is awarded for completing the Robbery map. In this map, take your time to find your path through the obstacles.
    Once you have successfully cleared this map with the egg in hand, the egg is awarded.

  • iEgg 12 Max Pro
    Location: Texting Simulator (Launcher supported)
    Talk to the Master Coder near the entrance to the forest and he requires you to hack terminals for pieces of code. They are marked on the map. Hacking them may have a chance to give you a piece of code and you can redo the same terminal over and over.
    Once 3 pieces of code have been decoded through the terminals, the egg is awarded.

  • Doc Holidegg
    Location: The Wild West (Launcher supported)
    Head to the egg temple found north-west of the map and enter. You will need to overcome certain challenges in order to reach the egg. Start by going left and step on the correct colored tiles to avoid being shot. The correct color is shown on the left wall. Next, carefully make your way past the pushing stones. Finally, platform your way to the egg while avoiding the swinging axes.
    The egg is rewarded once you’ve overcome all the challenges and have reached the egg.

  • Time Traveler’s Egg
    Location: Time Travel Eggventures (Launcher supported)
    Head into Time Travel Eggventures portal. Follow Tim to the caged rabbit. Help the rabbit break out by smashing the cage with the boulder above him. Afterwards, follow the rabbit as he will lead you to the eggs. However, the rabbit reveals himself as the Spooky Rabbit and starts attacking you. Quickly run away and parkour across the obstacle course.
    After this course, follow Tim to the Gate Keeper. Solve his puzzle by moving the colored blocks into the correct holes. The gate to the town opens. Tony here will help you get weapons if you got the yolks. Collect and bring 4 eggs found around town to him to be rewarded a bow for combat. Head to the inn for sleep.
    The rabbit will attack you in the inn. Stay clear from the rabbit’s attacks and attack him with the bow. When damaged enough, the rabbit will flee and you will pursue him further. Follow Tim to find Cleetus as he will grant you Gurt to help you cross the next section. Travel further with Gurt, dodging falling gumballs on the way and traverse the parkour course with him.
    After this course you will be back at the egg with the rabbit. Fight him to the death and be careful for his new attacks.
    Once the rabbit has been defeated, the egg is awarded.

  • Tiny Tank Egg
    Location: Tiny Tanks (Launcher supported)
    The egg has a chance to be dropped on a player’s death. Not much to say here other than aim for kills for it to spawn.
    Be careful for enemy fire and grab this egg to add it to your collection.

  • Tower of Eggs
    Location: Tower Defense Simulator (Launcher supported)
    Head to the event maps and queue up for a normal round on the Eggy Island map. Simply play this map as with any other tower defense game: Place towers strategically and don’t forget to upgrade them.
    The egg is awarded once this map has been cleared after the 10th wave.

  • Dreggon’s Breath
    Location: Treasure Quest (Launcher supported)
    Talk to the bunny to travel to the egg hunt event. Here, talk to the warrior to learn about a sealed beast. Before you can fight this, prove yourself worthy to do so. Start a dungeon and clear this while also defeating at least 10 monsters.
    With the dungeon cleared, head back to the warrior to turn in your objectives. He opens the gate for you to fight the Dreggon boss. Head in and simply starts hacking into it.
    The egg is awarded once the Dreggon boss has been defeated.

  • Cheggered Flag
    Location: Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands (Launcher supported)
    Participate in pro races in order to gain egg points. You can get points even when racing in any of the races by yourself.
    Once 10 egg points have been earned, the egg is awarded.

  • Venture Egg
    Location: VentureLand (Launcher supported)
    Talk to Lunya and learn about the golden-glowy eggs all around the map. Spawn your kart and start ramming into them to break them.
    Once 30 eggs have been broken, the egg is awarded.

  • Poached Egg of the Sea
    Location: Whatever Floats your Boat (Launcher supported)
    During the round, a brightly colored egg will be somewhere for grabbing. When close, you can grab and keep holding the egg.
    The egg is awarded to the player who managed to keep hold on to the egg at the end of the round.

  • Fried Chicken Egg
    Location: Zombie Rush (Launcher supported)
    Zombies may spawn while carrying a chicken drumstick. Defeat the zombie for it to drop so you can pick it up. You can even pick up drumsticks when spawned as a zombie.
    The egg is awarded once 5 chicken drumsticks have been collected.


And that’s it. Feel free to share this information to help your fellow Robloxians get the eggs.

Happy hunting!