The Endless Hallway

Quick summary, in this game, the game generates a hall for the player. The hallway generates as you progress to reduce lag and it’s completely RNG. So yes, it is in fact, infinite until your device crashes.

Side note: This is Another solo project that I came up with. Probably gonna abandon it soon if I don’t feel motivated to work on it.

This is the progress after 2-3 days of development (More accurately, around 18 hours.)
Video because cool

I did not make the music or images on the pictures*

Current stuff:

  • Four stages of hallway, after the third stage, the rest of the game is literally stage four. You can go backwards but I don’t see why you would want to.
  • Two endings so far. (No badges yet because I can’t draw.)
  • Kinda scary for people who didn’t make the game.
  • Static effect that will slowly kill you if you move.

Edit: I forgot the link in case anyone wants to try lol.
Here you go: The cool game (I think)


That was an interesting experience.

I’ve never been chased by an eyeball down a dark hallway.



It’s an eyeball?
The eye part wasn’t facing me, so it just looked like a white orb.
I like how it follows you around though.


Huh, weird.
Every time I tested it worked.
I’ll look into it, thanks!

Also why is nobody mentioning the demon dude who chases you down lol?

Edit: Added another ending.
All the endings so far:

Escaped - Escape the hallway by going through the white door in the hell zone then the door in hall 1.
Hunted - Get caught by scary horned demon dude in hell zone.
Glove Compartment - Die to gloves in door zone.