The Entity - Release and Feedback

Finished my horror game that I’ve been working on for several weeks. I’m not the most experienced programmer and had to reference countless resources. I would very much appreciate any feedback and/or criticism on the game’s designs/mechanics, as well as any potential bugs and suggestions. I’d like my first experience to be as playable and as high quality for players. I would love to improve myself as a game designer/programmer, so again, any feedback and/or criticism is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

The Entity:


This is really cool, I would ask, did you use pbr textures for the tiles?



I’m not too entirely sure myself. I was looking through the toolbox and I found that texture. Sorry if I can’t answer your question correctly.


That’s called a Specular Reflection. They are on all parts and textures by default.

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I understand there are reflections, but the reflection keeps its brightness acrost the shadow indicating there is a texture, or pbr texture