The Extremely Tall Tower Beta (Feedback needed)

Hello Everyone!

For the past two weeks, I have been codeveloping a game with Fronostic (@runner987654), and we’d love for you to try out our game and give your honest opinion on it!

In The Extremely Tall Tower players attempt climb the tower as fast as possible, while being able to sabotage other players, potentially causing them to lose all of their progress, so watch out!

Checkpoints, more ways to sabotage other players, and more zones are just a few of the features planned for the future, some of which are included in the game description.

We value ALL criticism and feedback. Please tell us what you think!

Game Link:

The Extremely tall tower - Roblox

(Screenshot from the game)

Feel free to join our (currently empty) discord server to stay updated with our progress, report bugs, or give any feedback or suggestions on there.


The Extremely Tall Tower

We are also still deciding on a name for our game, we’d appreciate your input!

Game Name
  • The Extremely Tall Tower
  • The Tallest Tower
  • Tower Journey
  • Other (Put in Replies)

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Thank you all for your time!