The Final Boss Of Old Roblox - An fateful duel set in 2013

Hey all! If you played Roblox in the old days, this game’s really going to resonate with you.
I’d love some feedback on how I did!

The co-founders of Roblox are at conflict over what should happen to the platform.

Will ROBLOX become a game engine, or stay a blocky sandbox?
Ultimately, your actions will decide what happens.


I think the game is private. Anyways, the game looks good!

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It’s not private, but thanks!

character limit

I love it, I would give this 5 stars

Since I cannot beat this, not on PC anyway, I have to ask.

Is it only you playing as David? or does it switch

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Might be because ur on mobile and game only allows PC

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It’s a pretty good game I’d say! I personally do enjoy the smooth transitions between cutscenes, even if some are considered jokes

There are although a bugs that I seem to have encountered when I first played it:


This is probably the most noticeable one to me, it feels weird having the the Chat UI just cut off from there with it being blocked off by a side black screen

A workaround you could probably do, is disable the Chat System and replace it with one of ROBLOX’s very old Chat UI’s on the bottom here shown on the arrow:

That way, the default Chat UI wouldn’t be cutting off and it’d look much better

Another bug I found was that once you die, your Health UI stays invisible until you rejoin so you might wanna consider fixing that

One more bug, in specific being the Superball item: You can easily Autoclick that with no cooldown interval whatsoever, so you may want to implement a debounce for that so that way I’m not firing 750 dodgeballs from every direction like in this picture:


Now for the nitpicks/suggestions, it’s feels way too spam-repetitive on some occasions & you really just gotta spam back to either win or lose

My personal suggestion would be to change the Erik’s Attack Cooldown interval for each weapon he uses depending on the mode you’ve picked (Cause it honestly felt like the same rate for each mode)

And another one I might add, you could possibly add a couple of other special attacks as well that’ll halt Erik from attacking you, and he’ll rather more focus on scripted attacks to make sure that you’re prepared for what he’s about to send in next (An example I can provide is something I’ve worked on a long time ago):

You obviously don’t have to follow the pattern I’m using, but it’s just a suggestion to take note of

Overall though, the game’s pretty good if you want a challenge! Just do keep in mind the things that I stated :wink:

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It is PC only because shooting multiple tools is nearly impossible to implement on mobile.

(or at least harder than i can do in 10 hours of dev time)

I love the feedback, thanks for all those bugs!

I thought the core gui got disabled on-join. I’ll look into that.

I won’t add special attacks because the idea of the battle is a human vs computer with equal abilities.
You have the same health, damage, stats, and attacks. You vs software.

Spam clicking is intended for the easy difficulty because that’s what beginner players will do. I don’t see spam clicking the rocket working on impossible mode.

A reverse mode where you fight David sounds fun, even if that means fighting for the death of Roblox. :cold_sweat:

Beautifully built. Everything from the pbr textures on the studs to animations and footsteps.

I do think its a little disrespectful to Erik, but maybe thats just me.

Sounds like a great game! I think you should actually create a version that runs in the 2013 studio.

it would port over perfectly if it wasn’t for module scripts

i think remote functions existed then so the modules can be converted