The final RESULT of my showcase game ! What do you think?

Hello there ! You might have seen a similar post and I’d like to insist into letting you know this isn’t just a re-post and it is the FINAL RESULT of my Showcase game . The previous post was when the game was in ‘Phase 1’ . Since then I have updated it and improved some stuff here and there so it’ll look at its best , hope this ain’t classified as spamming/re-posting. Anyways , I’ve been working on this showcase for quite a while now ‘Sky Lighthouse’ and I’d like to share it with you guys ! It maybe not be as realistic as other showcase games but I still did my best to make it look realistic ! Here are some pictures !

game link here : • Sky Lighthouse ☁️ - Roblox

If you have seen my previous post showcasing this showcase and wanna know the changes here they are : Lightning Improvement , Lighthouse design improvement , new mushroom design , new things to form a better look such as the design for the spawn island + much more !

I’d like some feedback on how this looks , if the music of the game fits (that of course , if you are willing to play my game) and/or stuff I can improve !

Thank you for your time !


woah, that looks really good however you could try adding more detail and more colour variation as it looks little bland