The Finer Things | Rules & Regulations

The Finer Things

Rules & Regulations
No exceptions to rules & regulations at any time.
This document is subject to change at any time.
Up To Date: 2/11/2020

Policy A: Respect
(1) Any and all members (Customers, Staff, Executives, Developers, etc.) are required to show a level of respect towards other members of the community at all times.
(2) Slandering or “Talking down” about any member is prohibited. (e.g Starting rumors about another member, making fun of one’s sexual orientation, etc.)
(3) Arguing with executives is prohibited. Please trust the decisions made by our executives.
(4) Sexual, racial or other sort of harassment is prohibited at all times.

Policy B: Music System
(1) All music played in-game should not bypass Roblox’s filter system.
(2) Repeating the same audio twice is prohibited.
(3) Any audio that violates Policy A: Respect is prohibited.

Policy C: Trolling
(1) Dancing on tables, blocking users or any other way of disrupting other member’s experiences is prohibited.
(2) Clothing that reveals inappropriate body parts, contains inappropriate text or otherwise is deemed unsuitable for The Finer Things is prohibited.

Policy D: Exploiting/Hacking
(1) Taking advantage of game vulnerabilities is prohibited.
(2) Exploiting, glitching or any other means is prohibited.

Policy E: Impersonation
(1) Impersonating another member is prohibited.
(2) Wearing executive uniforms while not an executive is prohibited.
(3) Mini-modding, or otherwise controlling other members, is prohibited.

Policy F: Distribution/Selling of Material
(1) Distribution of any, current or past, The Finer Things documentation, assets or files is prohibited unless granted authorization by the Head of Development or President.
(2) Distribution of documentation, assets or files of another community using The Finer Things affiliated partners is prohibited.
(3) Distribution of images that contain any type of slandering material is prohibited. (e.g Embarrassing images of a member, etc.)

Policy G: Respect Executive Branch & Their Decisions
(1) Do not ask any executive for a promotion unless you meet the requirements. (e.g Have enough Worker Points, purchased a rank, etc.)
(2) Do not question decisions made by an executive. If you have an issue with their decision, please take it up with their immediate superior.
(3) Do not disrespect the Executive Branch in any way.
(4) Corporate Office and Presidential Office are the highest offices. Their decisions are final.

Policy H: Other Communities
(1) The Finer Things reserves the right to blacklist any community they feel unsuitable.
(2) Corporate Office reserves the right to terminate any alliance they feel reasonable.

Policy I: Privacy & Security
(1) Any personal information shared (e.g Sexual orientation, lifestyle, race, etc.) is at each members own risk.
(2) The Finer Things reserves the right to track your in-game statistics and use them for future updates.

Policy J: Staff Guidelines
(1) All staff are required to be working if set to on-duty.
(2) Staff are required to use grammar while on-duty. Grammar is not required while off-duty.
(3) Staff are expected to assist all customers.
(4) Staff must warn a customer three times. (e.g Chatting “Warning I | Spam. Warning II | Continuing to spam. Warning III | Refusing to stop spamming)”
(5) Staff are expected to use common sense and act professional at all times.

Policy K: Violation of Rules and Regulations
(1) Executives reserve the right to moderate any member violating the Rules & Regulations.
(2) Not all rules are stated above. Please use common sense within our games.
(3) Our Executives reserve the right to remove any user violating the Rules and Regulations without prior notice.

Upon joining any The Finer Things affiliated partner, you automatically agree to have read and fully understood all rules & regulations.