The first description of polluted justice

Polluted justice is a role and action game. The main purpose of the game is to make money by doing bad or dirty work
bank robberies house design system, teams, cars or vehicles, operations and other dirty work form the basis of the game
In the game you can start a family with your friends or create a mafia group and continue to rob. But in the game the sheriff and the cops will always be behind you.
in the game you can have fun with your friends in the dance club or even have a cowboy fight in the middle of the desert
There are even animals in the game, you can hunt animals or tame animals and have fun with them
and the game has different biomes and even an ecosystem of animals
The city in the game is very big, there is even a subway, there are even sports in the game, sea diving, paragliding and there are fields where you can play basketball or football with your friends in the game.
There are even nuclear weapons, there are poles in the game, even a submarine
There are meteor showers, even shooting stars
You can set up your own family in the game as a city citizen, so this system adds rpg essence to the game.
the settings system in the game is so complicated that there are tabs that even show the acceleration and speed of a player
There are even events in the game such as alien raid or zombie apocalypse, but these events can only happen in a limited time, these events can only happen in some updates of the game.

Town and city

Some Of The Images


It sounds like a very big project, specially on this scale. I hope it goes well. If it’s as good as it sounds, it might be big someday. Let’s just hope :).

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Could you format your post a bit differently? It’s jumbled up text and it’s a bit hard to read. Also there’s a cyberpunk vibe going on with those headers. Doesn’t match any of the images you included.

I’m getting a GTA, LA Noire, and Wild West vibe. As such I’m a bit confused.

Doesn’t match because I don’t want to make it match

Gotcha, makes perfect since. Imma leave this thread here. Have a good one.

you did the right thing, thank you