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The First Order


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Restricted Areas
  3. Rules & Regulations
  4. Name and Color Configuration
  5. Hotkeys
  6. Rank Structure
  7. Divisions
  8. Knights of Ren
  9. Praetorian Guard
  10. Shout Policy
  11. High Command

Section 1 - Introduction

This document explains how we operate as an Order.. If you ever need a place to find rules and regulations, questions about divisions, high command, here is the main place to look. This document will be updated at random times without notice! It is your job to periodically check and update yourself with it.

Starkiller Base


Starkiller base is our main base. Operations such as raids, patrols, rallies, and much more are hosted here.

Training Facility Valkyrie


Valkyrie is the training facility used by our order. Events such as trainings, tryouts, and much more will be hosted here.

The Finalizer


The Finalizer is a place for raids, events, and the navy to be. Patrols, rallies, and other events will be hosted here. Coming Soon.

Section 2 - Restricted Areas

Entering or going to any of the following areas without the proper permission to do will result in severe punishment!

The Podium

Located in front of Starkiller Base's main entrance, the podium can be only occupied by the First Order's officers, high ranking officials, and their guards.

The Command Bridge

The Command Bridge can only be accessed by the First Order's officers and high ranking officials unless summoned. The entrance is guiarded by Riot Troopers or Executioners.

Supreme Leader's Throne Room

The Supreme Leader's Throne Room is strictly prohibited unless summoned. The throne room entrance is guarded by the Praetorian Guard.

Kylo Ren's Chambers

Kylo Ren's Chambers is strictly prohibited unless summoned. The chambers entrance is guarded by the Knights of Ren.

Section 3 - Rules & Regulations 

Failure to follow any of the following rules may result in a severe punishment!


The First Order handles threats such as exploiting extremely seriously! If you threaten, or exploit you will be exiled and banned from all First Order places.


A member of The First Order can only be promoted once per day. A member that holds the rank of Cadet can achieve the rank of Private by attending and passing a Cadet Course or taking part in a First Order raid that resulted in a victory. The ranks of Private to Corporal can get promoted by attending and passing a Regular Training (E2-E4), showing a great performance in a First Order raid or showing a great amount of activity, respect, and discipline during regular First Order activities such as patrols. The ranks of Sergeant to First Sergeant can get promoted by co-hosting Cadet Courses or Regular Trainings or showing great performance in The First Order.

Entering Restricted Areas

Entering a restricted area can result in severe punishments such as executions, removal from the game, or demotions.


Any form of disrespect or slander aimed towards another member of the First Order regardless of the rank will be met with harsh punishments such as demotions, rank locks, or divisional suspensions.


Failure to meet an officer's reasonable requests may result in a severe punishment such as demotions, rank locks, or divisional suspensions.

Admin Abuse (01+)

Abusing any type of administrator commands may result in extreme punishments! As a First Order officer you are only allowed to use limited commands on other First Order personnel! Commands are limited to.. kick, view, respawn, and ban!

Section 4 - Name & Color Configuration

All First Order personnel are to use the proper name and color configuration. If you are in a division you will have a different name and color configuration as others.

Default Configuration

Main Group Rank

Divisional Configuration

Main Group Rank
Divisional Rank


To set up your name you must type

/name (Main Group Rank)

To add a new line in your name you must

click CONTROL + J (Name)

on your keyboard.

For example:

/name Advisor (click control+j) Jamie

To change the primary color type


To change the secondary color type



Executioner Troopers:

Color 1003, Secondary Color 1003

Riot Troopers:

Color 315, Secondary Color 1003

Flame Troopers:

Color 1014, Secondary Color 1003

Heavy Troopers:

Color 194, Secondary Color 1003

Starfighter Corps:

Color 26, Secondary Color 1003

First Order Security Bureau:

Color 315, Secondary Color 1003

Rank Colors

Cadet - Captain:

Captain: Color 1, Secondary Color 1003

Major - Colonel:

Color 1, Secondary Color 1010


Color 199, Secondary Color 1003


Color 350, Secondary Color 1003

Section 5 - Hot Keys

Hotkeys, or commands are typically used to greet another member of the First Order.

Regular Salute (R)

The Regular Salute is used when greeting an officer or High Command member. You are to continue saluting until told to At Ease. This does not mean click N- it simply means to end your salute.

First Order Salute (B)

The First Order Salute is used only during rallies, greeting/speaking with The Supreme Leader, or greeting/speaking with Lord Kylo Ren. You will continue to bow or formally salute until told to rise.

At Ease (N)

The At Ease hotkey is to only be used by O1’s+ only the highest ranking officer at the time may be in this position/hotkey.

Patrol Arms (F)

The Patrol Arms hotkey should be used by Enlisted and Non Commissioned Officers that are taking part in a patrol. It can only be used while having the F-11 blaster equipped.

Crouch (C)

Crouching is to be used when taking cover from enemy fire. During this state you cannot fire your blaster. Riot Troopers can use their shields to take cover from fire.

Section 6 - Rank Structure

Enlisted (E1-E4) Addressed by their rank.

Not able to command others

No authoritative power

The extent of their command permissions is asking fellow Enlisted if they would like to patrol

Ranks: Cadet - Corporal

Non Commissioned Officers (E5-A2) Addressed by their rank.

Eligible to give slightly more commands.

Some authoritative power

The higher ranking NCO, the more authority

All Officer orders overlook any NCO orders

Ranks: Sergeant - First Sergeant

Commissioned Officers (O1-MC) Addressed by their rank.

Highest authority, all command permissions

Expected to host trainings and patrols

Ranks: Lieutenant - Military Command

High Command (HC) Addressed by their rank.

Consists of Legatus, Cpt. Phasma, Cpt. Cardinal, Fleet Admiral, FOSB Director.

Oversee the First Order on a daily basis

Advisor (DEV) Addressed by their rank.

Has no military authority of ANY sort

Develops for the First Order

Section 7 - Divisions

In the First Order there are two types of divisions, law enforcement (ET, RT, and FOSB) and front line duties (FT, HT, SFC)

Executioner Troopers

As an executioner trooper you have the responsibility of dealing with treasonous stormtroopers and prisoners. At points you will be commanded to conduct an execution, these can only be ordered by certain individuals which are stated in Section V. Additionally the Executioners work alongside the FOSB to ensure the transit of prisoners to the prison cells. If asked by a FOSB agent, assist them in their task to secure the target and ensure the arrest is carried out successfully. A successful arrest is getting the prisoner from location of arrest to cells unscathed as much as possible.

Riot Troopers

Being one of TFO’s most elite divisions Riot Troopers is a division overseen by Captain Phasma. With their task to handle hot-water situations as well as protect our officers this division consists of the best-of-the-best troopers who tried out. Riot Troopers come equipped with a Betaplast shield which is the same material First Order Stormtrooper armor is made out of they’re also equipped with the innovative lightsaber blocking Z6 Riot Control Baton which is used to shock, execute or ragdoll an opponent. Riot Troopers still conduct regular day-day duties as a First Order Stormtrooper. On order of Riot Command, Riot Troopers can be deployed into the field to capture the CP or handle situations when large numbers of resistance appear.

Heavy Troopers

Members of the Heavy Troopers have more than a few responsibilities. The goal of the division is to provide members of The First Order with Heavy blaster support in order to strike more efficiently. Duties of the Heavy Troopers include, but are not limited to: Guarding the Capture Point, Supporting Main Forces, Retaking Capture Point, and eliminating large amounts of Rebels.

Starfighter Corps

Starfighter Corps are the leading force in the sky, they are the main forces at our Finalizer, and can be a helpful assistance against X-Wings at Starkiller base. Starfighter Corps do not use a standard hand held blaster, but instead use blasters on the starfighter. Starfighter Corps do not report to Control Points, but may help with arial support.

First Order Security Bureau

As a first order operative, you are a part of the silent warfare. The warfare where cunning and a quick mind outweighs the blaster or the saber. We are the observers, the reporters, the sabatures, and the assassins. We are the forefront of psychological and informational warfare. Anywhere there is an edge or information to be had. The First Order will have us watching.

Joining a Division

As a first order operative, you are a part of the silent warfare. The warfare where cunning and a quick mind outweighs the blaster or the saber. We are the observers, the reporters, the sabatures, and the assassins. We are the forefront of psychological and informational warfare. Anywhere there is an edge or information to be had. The First Order will have us watching.

Knights of Ren

The Knights of Ren are an elite alliance to the First Order that are ran by Kylo Ren. The Knights are highly trained and skilled members that are extremely obedient. Knights are not supposed to speak but did not take a vow of silence. The Knights of Ren do not have military power but it is strongly suggested that you do as they ask, or it may result in a severe outcome.

Praetorian Guard

The Praetorian Guard is an elite guard to the Supreme Leader. The Legatus is in control of them. They are not known for hosting tryouts, but it has happened in the past. The Praetorian Guards do not have military power. The Praetorian Guard take a vow of silence, and if they speak they shall be punished.

High Command

Each High Command member has a certain role within the First Order.

The Legatus

Leader and Overseer of the Praetorian Guard, in charge of maintaining the Praetorian Guard’s activity and loyalty to the Supreme Leader. Addressed by his title.

Director of the First Order Security Bureau

Leader and Overseer of the Security Bureau, in charge of maintaining the Security Bureau’s activity and loyalty to the First Order. Addressed as Director or Sir.

Fleet Admiral

Commander of the First Order’s Navy, in charge of maintaining the Navy’s activity and personnel. Addressed as his title.

Captain Cardinal

In charge of the First Order’s offensive operations (Raids). Addressed as Captain Cardinal or Sir.

Captain Phasma

Captain Phasma is the First Order’s Divisional Overseer, ensuring that each division maintains a high standard of activity and discipline. Addressed as Captain Phasma or Ma’am

Kylo Ren

The Supreme Leader’s Dark Enforcer, Master of the Knights of Ren, has Overseer authority over all First Order activities and divisions. Addressed as Lord Ren, M’Lord or My Lord.

General Armitage Hux

Commander of the First Order Military and second in command of the First Order, has total authority over all matters regarding the First Order’s Military activities. Addressed as Sir, General or General Hux.

Anything within this document is subject to change without notice, it is recommended that you keep up to date with this.

General Armitage Hux

Kylo Ren

Captain Phasma

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