The Flash: Multiverse Devlog #2

Welcome to the Flash Game Devlog #2

We’re gonna go over what new stuff I’ve implemented, and if you havent seen the first devlog then go read it here: The Flash Game Devlog #1

Anyways, lets get into it!

  1. So I’ve updated the Flash’s character, to fit the Season 6-7 outfit in the show!

    I’m still working on changing the lightning, depending on you’re current selected character.

  2. I’ve come up with a name…


  1. Ive made a start screen

  2. I’ve added, better looking lightning(Credits: oneUp - Roblox)

  3. Working on “Godspeed”


  1. I’ve made an ability, that lets you take off your mask. This can be really cool in RP.

That’s what I’ve implemented in update #2.
I’m gonna be looking on Talent Hub for potential Builders, If you’re not on the Talent Hub, and you would like to assist in building the city, then please let me know, by dropping a comment.

And as always if you have any suggestions, just let me know!

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I think for the start screen, you should sort of change it in a more “flash theme”. It looks kind of plain. Maybe make it more red and yellow, and have a roblox flash blurred in the background. I think it’ll look pretty cool.

Other than that, I love the progress, so keep it up!


I will try to make this in my game!. It will hopefully be up in devlog #3dartist

Thanks for the suggestion, TheNesNes32.

Make a ability which slows everything but other players dont feel it.

Alright, I’ll get right on that. Just to be clear, you mean flashtime, Correct?

It’s a good start! I agree with @TheNesNes32 that the screen should give more of a flash theme. I look forward to reading these devlogs!

Im gonna get on that immediately!