The Flash: Project Speedforce - Update Log

Update Log

Latest Update:

  • Release Date: 7th July 2024

Character Changes

  • Added Knightmare Flash
    • Mythic
  • Added Batman (Beyond) (JL)
    • Legendary
  • Invincible has received a new look!
  • Added Invincible (Blue Suit)
    • Mythic
  • Added Invincible (Sinister)
    • Legendary
  • Homelander has received a new look!
  • A-Train has received a new look!
  • Gold Superman has received a new look

Map Changes

  • The Loft and NSF Loft has received new furniture

Misc Changes

  • General Bug Fixes
  • Heatvision has received new VFX and head mechanic
  • Anyone who isn’t CW (blue heat vision) has received new heat vision sfx!
  • Speedsters have new Water Run VFX and Body Lightning VFX