The Flight Simulator

This is my first day working on my airplane simulator game. I’ve done a bit of the cockpit and all the textures were made by me. This is the first version of my game, and it will probably take a long time before it’s released. The cockpit is from a Cessna 172, but I also plan to create larger airplanes. However, I’ll start with the small one to have a solid foundation. I welcome any feedback to implement into my game :smiley:


This is looking… extremely cool so far! Everything looks nice and I like the amount of detail you put into this. I also like instead of the switches just immediately changing their position they are animated, that’s a nice touch. The only thing I would really say is the UI when you are hovering over an interactable object is a little out of place. I would recommend changing the background to black or a darker gray along with usage of UIStrokes and UICorners to make your UI look more modern if you would like. Otherwise, keep up the cool stuff! :+1:


Yes this was a while ago, but this is amazing. I see it is kinda based off of MSFS. Could I see any updates on this?


some times i come onto creations feedback to see what’s up and half the time i end up crying.

this is one of those times.

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