The following part(s) are affected by multiple Motor6Ds

Hello. I am trying to create a custom rig for eyes so I can animate the pupils. I keep encountering this error: The following part(s) are affected by multiple Motor6Ds: base. Base is Part1 for both Motor6Ds it is linked to. This means that the only solution I could find didn’t apply for me. I apologize if this is a basic question. I am very new to animating.

Relevant Explorer information:

What you have to do instead is turn base into part0 of these motor6Ds, instead of part1.

And if you want it to look good in the explorer you can parent the motor6Ds to base.

Sorry for the late response

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Thank you! I didn’t know Part0 and Part1 had special properties linked to them.

No problem, I’m glad I could help!

part1 is always the “affected” part. If a part is part1 of 2 different motor6Ds it can’t be used for animation, as the Animation Editor won’t know what motor6D to use, and if it uses both the part won’t transform as you want to, so the editor just throws an error. Always keep that in mind when rigging models :wink:

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Okay, thanks for the information!

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