The Forum PWA App icon is very small

The Forum app icon’s size is significantly smaller than any other app, which gives a weird look.

Reproduction Steps
It appeared to me that the issue happened when opening the app many times, when I first installed it the app had the correct size. Issue happens on Android devices, at the very least.

Expected Behavior

I expect the Forum icon to be in size similar to other apps.

Actual Behavior

The app icon is smaller than it should be.

(The Forum app and other apps)


Impact: Medium
Frequency: Constantly
Date Last Experienced: 08.09.2022


The Developer Forum has an app?

There isn’t a dev forum app, for desktop there is but for mobile you use discourse.

I think it depends on a variety of factors such as icon pack and browser. (and possibly when you installed the PWA)

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I can’t reproduce on the DiscourseHub main screen on iOS.

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I believe the OP is referencing PWAs, not the DiscourseHub app.


Is there an actual app? Or is that just a bookmark on your Home Screen?

It’s not an actual app, it essentially acts as a shortcut. It’s known as a PWA.

The app icon appears even smaller for me



Also experiencing this issue.

I used the Chrome feature named “Install App” which basically makes the website an app, nothing too complicated.

Btw I don’t really think that the impact is that “High” as you seemed to say.

Can you explain how the impact is high? It seems extremely low to me.


I am usually a perfectionist in icons, and this really does trigger me.

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This is because the so-called “app” is just an embedded webpage and your phone might messed some things up. It also depends on the icon system your phone is using, you should be able to fix it, though it’s a very very VERY minor issue.

Still perfectly fitting fine on old devices like mine

like what the above post stated, it’s not an actual application that were created with actual program, DevForum on mobile is just Browser version of Google or any external and since it uses the icon from tabs in Browser PC version, I’d say it would depend on how Android or iOS handle the size of the icon.

I believe this happens with icons using a background, on newer devices.

This is possibly related.

This likely is related, my icon keeps on getting smaller constantly. To the point that now if it got any smaller, the Roblox Studio icon wouldn’t even be there, just the white background.


This conversation should probable be marked as solved and continued on Discourse’s end then.

I have no idea whether it’s limited to Chrome only, but my icon hasn’t decreased in size at all, I’m using Microsoft Edge (which is based on Chromium) on MIUI 13 based on Android 12.

This is ridiculous.