The Future of "Heroes of the Forest"

Some people have had concerns about Heroes of the Forest and its future. I’ll go ahead and try to answer some of those questions.

What happened?

For who aren’t yet aware, development on Heroes of the Forest has been discontinued. I cannot go into further details, but it involves a controversy with the game’s owner and the team generally wanting to hop off Roblox in favor of other projects.

Where’s the Twitter / Discord?

The Twitter account and Discord server were both deleted by the owner following the controversy.

Will Heroes of the Forest close down?

The game will remain open and available to play. This could change in the future, but for now there’s no reason to close it and people should still be allowed to enjoy the game.

Why is the museum no longer available?

Multiple artists have stated that they no longer wish to be affiliated with the game.

Will Heroes of the Forest still get updates?

There unfortunately won’t be any more updates of any kind as I have left the development team. The only exceptions are:

  • If Roblox released an update that made the game unplayable, in which case I would try to find a work around (no guarantee).
  • If a person asked to have their name removed from the credits.

This means that extra areas and seasonal events and achievements will no longer be available.

Will there be a sequel / reboot?

The game and story were always meant to be standalone, so there won’t be any sequel.

It’s possible that another group could reboot or revive the game some years down the line - however, the original team is unlikely to be involved if that happens.

So now what?

I would say the game is good where it’s at right now. The story has an ending and there’s plenty of stuff to do on the side. To be honest, even without the incident, there would not have been much to add anyway. In my opinion, the best thing to do now is to just let the game rest.

I’d like to end this off by saying thank you for supporting the project for the past few years. While it may be disappointing for things to end this way, I hope you have or will continue to enjoy what the game has to offer in its current state.

  • Bluecap