The Gabriel Group Productions Global Update Log

:warning: This is a global update log with links to almost every single TGGP title. The further down an update log list goes, the older it gets. As a non-native american, I could not have written the update logs with as much professionalism as now.

Some may have links, some may not.

:pizza: Animatronic Tycoon Update Logs

Update Log 0.9a
  • :desert_island: We have added a full-on map expansion! It is localized in the same place as where the minigames were! More on that in a bit.
  • :pen: We have added a watermark on the UI (User Interface)! You can disable this in the settings!
  • :flashlight: We have added a tunnel… somewhere. It’s pretty obvious where the location is but, you should go check it out and see if you find anything interesting. I’m not promising anything though!
  • :play_or_pause_button: We have added, for the first time, a full menu when you load up the game! This includes a fully functioning loading screen!
  • :medal: Badges now available!
  • :repeat: We have changed the buttons for the third time! They are now hexagonal-shaped and are way more stylish! They come with their own unique colors, so you can distinguish them pretty easily!
  • :paintbrush: We have done a total revision of our user interface! All of the UI has been updated including, but not limited to: Settings | Credits | Minigames UI | Emotes | Feedback UI | Menu, and so much more!
  • :astonished: We have completely changed up the Parts N’ Service, Party Stage, and many other buildings!
  • :sob: We have changed our quotes for the tycoons.
  • :-1: Unfortunately, due to the limitations of the original idea, we have to remove minigames.
  • :blue_car: We have removed driveable cars. They may return another update.
Update Log 0.6b
  • New Animatronic morphs! You can now morph as renewed animatronics!
  • A new public stage has been introduced!
  • Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza is now open!
  • New Statues representing the game developers!
    (quick update)
Update Log 0.6a
  • :question: A new secret base is introduced!
  • :pick: Mineshafts are in the game!
  • :coin: A new currency is introduced; Fazcoins! It currently has no functionality.
  • :birthday: New Birthday stage! Dress as Puppet or Springtrap for a limited amount of time!
  • :bear: Two new limited-time morphs; Pink Freddy and Golden Freddy!
  • :shopping: Coming soon: Marketplace! Buy items with :coin: Fazcoins!
  • :hammer_and_wrench: Parts N’ Service is official. Check it out!
  • :film_strip: New UI design!
  • :question: New FAQ screen introduced!
  • :question: A changing text strip (FAQ) has been introduced on the top of the screen!
  • :thought_balloon: New Introduction UI introduced for newcomers!
  • :musical_keyboard: New Music Info board! Get information based on the Audio in one simple click!
  • :pick: New minecart! (not functional lol)
  • :label: Gamepass Store is coming soon!
  • :dancer: Emotes are finally here!
  • :coin: Fazcoin and Token generators are finally here! Get extra money!
Update Log 0.5a

:world_map: The map has been revamped!
:information_source: The Google Docs has been updated.
:house: The second floor for the tycoons has been officially introduced with more content!
:moneybag: Stores have been added!
:bird: The Twitter is live!
:school_satchel: A bunch of new easter eggs have been introduced, therefore allowing exploration!
:information_source: Minigames have been fixed and moved to the new map.

Update Log 0.4c

:busts_in_silhouette: HACK WEEK 2021 Introduced!

  • :x: Removed the egg hunt event! Thank you for participating.
  • :repeat: Converted the stuff back to normal!
  • :question: New mysteries are going around!
  • :house: House update coming soon!
  • :interrobang: A secret base has appeared!
  • :memo: A feedback window has been added!
Update Log 0.4b
  • :world_map: New map introduced!
  • :paintbrush: A new noob model for the walking NPC’s.
  • :label: A new role for any Discord user for completing the event.
  • :interrobang: Secrets?
Update Log 0.4a
  • :egg: eggs!
  • :interrobang: If you send proof of finding the eggs, you’ll get a special role in the Discord, and in the future, a gear and title in-game!
Update Log 0.3

:speech_balloon: Translated to Romanian and German.
:headphones: VR support!
:computer_mouse: Two new buttons.
:bug: Bug fixes.

Update Log 0.2
  • :x: Added a “Remove Blood” feature.
  • :gear: Added a configurations button with game info.
  • :computer: Added a menu screen.
  • :money_with_wings: New gamepass: Rocket Launcher (50:robux_light:)
  • :paintbrush: New thumbnails!
  • :x: Mobile has been closed temporarily due to UI issues.

:pizza: Gabriel’s Pizza World Update Logs

:warning: This section is currently unfinished.

Update Log 2.1
  • :medal_sports: Badges are now working.
  • :mountain: We have now added more mountains. Bigger ones.
  • :computer: New UI implementations.
Update Log 2.0
  • :house: New buildings have been added!

  • :play_or_pause_button: A menu has been added, which includes:
    – Settings
    – Teams
    – Tips
    – Credits
    – Start Menu
    – Warning

  • :office_worker: The Management Center has been completely revamped.

  • :notes: Added background music.

  • :tada: We have added more “things” in the game, including easter eggs! A Gas Station has been added and an opponent has striked! Dave’s Pizza is here to collect our customers! Try to make the customers come to GPW! (this is not an event!! this is just a little addition, and when you enter the building you get a badge.)

:hammer: Boss Minigames: The Sequel Update Logs

:warning: This section does not contain lists. The full update log is below;

:link: Boss Minigames: The Sequel Update Log

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