The Galactic Empire - Codex

The Galactic Empire

Welcome to the Galactic Empire, trooper! This document will provide you with valuable information for your service within the Empire. If any questions arise, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section or contact a high rank. (Colonel+)

1. Community Guidelines

These guidelines are a general reminder of how you are expected to behave while participating in our community. Guidelines may be added without notice at the discretion of the Imperial High Command. Violations of these rules may result in a infraction, suspension and or group black-list.

  1. All members of our community, visitors included, should be treated with the utmost respect.
  2. Advertising without permission by the Emperor or Imperial Executor is not allowed.
  3. Abuse of any game mechanics is not allowed. (Exploiting, chat bypass,
  4. Admin abuse is strictly prohibited. Any evidence of admin abuse should be forwarded to the Imperial Executor or Emperor.
  5. Interrupting any official events is not allowed.

2. Military Guidelines

These guidelines are the foundation of our Empire, you are expected to follow them while on-duty to the highest standards possible.

  1. Respect all enlisted Imperials. This includes lower and higher ranks.
  2. Follow any orders given by an officer at all times. If an order violates Imperial Penal Code, you are to report it to a Colonel+ with evidence unless the order comes from the Imperial Executor or the Emperor.
  3. Imperial Guards are extension of the Emperor’s throne should never be assaulted. Any complaints with the Imperial Guard can be reported to an Imperial Ruling Council member or the Imperial Executor.
  4. Shock Troopers are law enforcement personnel within the Empire. Any complaints with law enforcement procedures should first be reported to the Shock Commander.
  5. Visitors are to be protected from violence unless they interfere with TGE activity’s, are hostile, break a rule or you are ordered by an IHC+.

3. Events

These are the kind of events you will see being hosted in TGE.

Official events: Patrols, Combat Training, Rule Training, Discipline Training, Raids and Defenses.

Unofficial events: Scrimmage, Game Night, Parties.

4. Approvals

Approvals are needed to rank up past Lieutenant and to progress in the OA. Approvals are EARNED over time with experience and persistence. These should be treated as signs of respect and authority. You can screenshot your approvals to use them as proof of the approval.

5. Ranks

Cadet [Low Rank] [LR]:

Requirements: Join the Galactic Empire group.

Private [Low Rank] [LR]:

Requirements: 100 XP

Corporal [Low Rank] [LR]:

Requirements: 300 XP

Sergeant [Middle Rank] [MR]:

Requirements: 700 XP

Staff Sergeant [Middle Rank] [MR]:

Requirements: 1,300 XP

Chief [Middle Rank] [MR]:

Requirements: 2,100 XP

Warrant Officer [Middle Rank] [MR]:

Requirements: 3,100 XP

Lieutenant [Advanced Rank] [ADV]:

Requirements: Graduate from the Officer Academy.

Captain [Advanced Rank] [ADV]:

Requirements: Be a Lieutenant for 2 weeks, host 5 events within 2 weeks, obtain 3 approvals from a Colonel+ and pass an evaluation done by an Officer Academy staff member.

Major [Advanced Rank] [ADV]:

Requirements: Be a Captain for 2 weeks, host 5 events within 2 weeks, obtain 2 approvals from a Colonel+ and 2 more from a General+ and pass an evaluation by an Officer Academy staff member.

Colonel [High Rank] [HR]:

Requirements: Be a Major for 2 weeks, host 6 events within 2 weeks, host a special event of your own creation (must be approved by an IHC+) obtain 2 approvals by an IHC+ and pass an evaluation done by an IHC+.

General [High Rank] [HR]:

Requirements: Be a Colonel for 2 weeks, host 6 events within 2 weeks, obtain 2 IHC+ approvals, pass a IHC vote on your promotion and pass an evaluation done by an IHC+.


Requirements: Retire as an IHC+

Imperial High Command [High Command] [IHC]:

Requirements: Chosen by the Emperor, Imperial Executor or presiding Imperial High Command.

Imperial Ruling Council [High Command] [IRC]:

Requirements: Elected by the presiding Imperial Ruling Council or the Emperor.

Imperial Executor [LED]:

Requirements: Elected by the Emperor

Galactic Emperor [LED]:

Requirements: Be AsunaKoB

5. Divisions

501st Legion:

The 501st serves directly under the Imperial Executor and will fight in a number of pivotal battles.

Requirement: Open to join.

Shock Troopers:

The Shock Troopers are the elite members of the stormtrooper corps, Entrusted with maintaining civilian well-being, shock troopers are a symbol of order within the Galactic Empire.

Requirement: Tryout.

Storm Commandos:

The Storm Commandos also known as Imperial Commandos or Shadow Scouts are special forces of the stormtrooper corps.

Requirement: Evaluation Trainings


The Imperial Navy is responsible for asserting total dominance on any insurgents in the air or on the ground.

Requirement: Tryout.

Death Troopers:

Death Troopers are an elite detachment of the stormtrooper corps and is tasked with special operations that require tremendous amounts of training and skill.

Requirement: Tryout.

Imperial Guard:

Imperial Guardsmen are tasked with protecting the Emperor and anyone who he deems worthy of protection. Imperial Guards are required to follow an oath of silence at all times.

Requirement: Tryout.


The Imperial Security Bureau are the internal intelligence organization of the Galactic Empire which is highly secretive.

Requirements: Tryout.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Why is the Emperor ignoring me in game?

A: The Emperor may be busy in-game handling emergency situations. If you have any questions, try contacting an Imperial Ruling Councilor who can forward a message to the Emperor if needed.

Q: An individual has broken group rules, what do I do?

A: Gather EVIDENCE. That means screenshots or video. If you want to use eye-witness reports, we prefer you gather multiple witnesses. Send the information to a Colonel+

Q: Can someone host a training?

A: Watch the TGE discord server events channel which is where training’s are posted.

Q: Can someone host a Divisions tryout?

A: Only HRs in the said division can host tryouts for that division. Division HRs may host whenever they want. Keep a close eye on the TGE discord server for tryout announcements.



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