The Ghost Outside of Town

This is a first-person adventure thriller. I need some feedback about how it could be better, and also where I should go with the story. It (a forest) is a pretty cliche location, so I need ideas about the story and where the player should have to go.

Sorry there’s not that much yet. I’m trying to add more, but it’s hard since I’m running low on inspiration, so I just decided to post this now and ask for ideas. Tell me what you think about it so far!

(Scrapped because I’m totally out of inspiration and motivation for some reason, so I’m done making games.)

Great atmosphere and visuals, I suggest using particles more to your advantage, have some mist and weather. Create a really cool night sky or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Also more dynamic sounds such as buzzing on the streetlamps or water gargling in a drain.

The game is single player, the biggest disadvantage of this may be loneliness, I suggest creating an NPC friend that travels with you through the forest, this would give you many opportunities like the friend being the monster all along, or being turned into the monster, or maybe just vanishing with the aim being to save him/her. If you do go down this route I’d love you forever :smiley:

I’d consider adding some animals into the game just to help players get into the mood of being afraid.
Perhaps a neighborhood cat walking by or a racoon in a garbage can?

Personally, I’ve always wanted to see a horror movie similar to the Blair Witch Project. You seem to be on this path with someone hearing about something in the news and investigating it in a forest.

And I second Crykee’s idea an NPC friend with you.

Your character could be psychic, and the buddy NPC is a ghost friend that hovers near you and gives you tips on where to go or what to do next and offers dialog and help at certain events. Your buddy senses that the ghost in the woods is strange somehow, or malevolent or whatever, and you feel it’s your responsibility to investigate and take action.

My problem with NPCs is that it’s near impossible for me to make them look right. They kind of ruin the immersion, since it’s a very realistic atmosphere, and it’s hard to make them look good. I’m also very bad at scripting things like NPCs.

My previous game had characters that talked to you, but it was only in a series of phone calls. I could do something like that again, but I’m not sure how it would fit in.

I actually sort of want the game to feel lonely, but there isn’t that sense of loneliness unless there are characters that talk to you in certain places along the way, so having characters/NPCs is a good idea.

Just played it; you’ve got the “feel” of a spook game perfectly. The narrow FOV is great as a way to make players keep checking behind and around them.

The game’s feel is AMAZING! I love the atmosphere of the game! Although when searching the house I had very little sound. Only some ambient music and when I opened doors. The FOV added some creep but also gave me a bit of a headache though.

I agree with Glitch19 in that the game should take a Blair Witch Project styled story.

I managed to fall off the map by climbing over one of the fences. Whoops?
Also, I didn’t really get why the character would walk into the forest. Was there a reasoning I missed? Unloaded assets/images to explain?

Other than that… I have only one thing to say - Wow! You got me hooked into the atmosphere from the first second. I don’t really hope for much when I try horrorgames in ROBLOX, but just the fact that you let us feel so alone in the game from the very first moment, just broke all my doubts.
I love your usage of fog and lighting to create a distinct style. I played the game with enclosed headphones and noise-cancelling, so I was entirely ‘in’ the game audio-wise. That indeed added an important level of immersion.

Keep working on it! I can’t want to see it done (or actually, I can wait. I’m not sure I dare go back)

Yay another game from you. Can’t wait to check it out once I get home. You always nail sound and atmosphere and from what it sounds like in this thread, this game is no exception.

I accidentally walked out of the map after going to sleep. :frowning:

The atmosphere was quite spooky! The camera seemed really low though…