The gradient editor plugin

The gradient editor plugin is an easy to use plugin that lets you edit gradients.


  • Edit Gradients by selecting the parent or the uigradient itself.

  • Save and load custom gradients.

  • Use presets and easily edit them for the desired use.




Custom Gradients

I always liked the way how photoshop does their gradients and I felt like now with UIGradients coming it would be cool to have a similar editor.

What sets this apart from the default Roblox editor?
other than having a total preview, nodes that display the color and presets/custom preset. nothing much.

What’s the reason to install this plugin?
It gives editing gradients a bit more flow.
You don’t have to select the uigradient or use the properties panel to select the color.
As well if you want to use one specific gradient you don’t have to copy the gradient, You can just click on the preset you saved.

This plugin was made around a month ago and never came around to releasing it.
there are still some functions I wish to add such as transparency and a way to easily change its position and rotation.

if you have any suggestions or bugs please post them here!


Yep. I think it would make it even easier to use for some new players with this plugin. Thank you Dutch Developer

PS: I love your videos :heart:


What I was looking for :grimacing:
Damn, appreciate the time you took into developing it. It helps me a ton!

Is this adding an image label, or using the UI Gradient?

using the ui gradient.

Looks like your plugin isn’t working anymore. When I try to use it, nothing happen.

It appears this plugin doesn’t work anymore