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The Grat Cafe is a multiplayer roleplay game in which it can only be described as chaos. One of the most notable themes of The Grat Cafe is the blatant idiosyncrasy, poor grammar, building similar to simplistic styles. There are multiple teams to choose from that surround a cafe on an island. The main three sides being the staff, the costomers, and the raidrs.

The Staff

The staff consist of multiple and the majority of teams. Such entails the cookuh, casher, cleaner person, securty, manger, and couchman.

The main working personnel are the cookuh, casher, cleaner person, and securty.

Securty: Securty is a team that is essentially security. They have a sporc to defend against raidrs, and annoying/disobeying costomers. They are the main fighting force within the cafe.

Casher: Casher is a team that takes care of the costomers up front. They’ll take the orders of costomers, and have them sit down at a table.

Cookuh: Cookuh is a team that has the job of producing food for the cafe. If they run out of ingredients, they can run to the magic boat to grab more. They must also be wary of raiding raidrs. They also deliver the food to the costomers.

Cleaner Person: The Cleaner Person team are essentially janitors. Immune to the raidrs, with the only goal of c l e a n i n g. They use a brom to clean up puddles.

Manger: Manger is a team that can only be achieved through entering and passing a tryout. After such is completed, they will be granted quite a few things. They’ll be granted admin commands to deal with moderation issues. They are granted authority over all staff at the cafe as well. Mangers essentially make sure staff is behaving properly.

Couchman: The couchman team is only accessible to the couchman, whom is the owner of The Grat Cafe. The couchman can do what he wishes essentially.

Neutral/Bad Teams

To balance out the staff teams, two teams oppose them in a way.

Raidrs: Raidrs is a team in which the goal is to essentially cause havoc to the cafe. They can steal ingredients from the magic boat, and they can essentially fight against the cafe.

Costomers: Costomers is a team that is the main drive within the game. And the main money maker for the cafe… What drives them to be at the cafe is hunger, so they require to be eating. They can be mischevious, or maybe obeying. It’s their choice how to act.


Another essential aspect to the game is the tools that are provided to players. As known, the cafe has food to give to hangry costomers. There are also defensive weapons such as the punc or the sporc.

Defensive Tools: The two defensive weapons within the game are the punc tool and the sporc tool. Raidrs are granted the punc tool, while the sporc tool is granted to securty, manger, and couchman. Both are equal in power and damage.

Food Items: There are multiple food items. They consist of the plane burger, fwies, and chez burger. The chez burger is the most filling, while the fwies is the least filling. They can be achieved for either ordering them as a costomer, or gaining them from a staff break room.

Extra Items: There are a few extra items. Such as the key given to the manger and the couchman. The key can lock and unlock any door. The box is also known as the box of ingredients from the magic boat. The box can only be transported to the dumpster in the kitcen to transfer the ingredients. Lastly is also a brom distributed to the cleaner person, mangers, and couchman. It can clean up puddles, to put it simply.

Essential Systems

Multiple systems are found within The Grat Cafe.

Money System: The Money System currency is known as ‘greem paper’ or gp for short. GP can be earned through doing tasks as staff, playing the game for a certain time, or other circumstances. GP can be only spent on buying food items from the cafe at this time. In the future, it might be used for something else.

Puddle System: Dozens of puddles will be present at The Grat Cafe, and people can slip on them by touching them. They can only be cleaned by a person with a brom.

Stamina System: Players can crouch and run. They can do this by pressing ‘C’ or ‘LeftCtrl’ for crouching, and ‘R’ or ‘LeftShift’ for running. While crouching doesn’t drain your stamina, running does. Thus a simple system for stamina is in place. Those on mobile also can press a button to enable a mobile interface that has controls.

Hunger System: A hunger system is in place to add to the chaos. If players don’t eat, they’ll eventually grow hungry by walking slower, and having more green skin. This drives costomers to eat at the cafe, while staff can go to a break room to eat.

A reminder that this game is still in development, and that more features are yet to come.

Here’s a link to the game if needed: The Grat Cafe

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Alpha 1.5 Update Log

Alpha 1.5 is coming along nicely, though, it is yet to be complete.

The following were done:

  • First time players will be granted 5 gp
  • First time player who joined the official group will be granted 10 gp
  • The official the grat cafe group has been established
  • Those under the rank of manger can now become manger (No one but the couchman at this time however.)
  • A few bugs for some systems were fixed.
  • New icons and thumbnails for the game.

What is to be expected in the future:

  • A new map, essentially having the cafe staff buildings underground and more.
  • Functional shops for players to spend their gp at.
  • Undetermined functions that will be added once gained.

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