:|: The Gray Jedi Order :|: HR Guide

:|: The Gray Jedi Order :|: Official High Rank Guide

This is a guide for all of our high ranks to read and follow. The purpose of this guide is to make sure all of our high ranks are on the same page when it comes to hosting trainings, raids, recruitment events, etc.

And to know how to handle day to day things as this order would prefer and deal with situations as this order would prefer.

Section 1: When to host trainings
In order to stay active and strong, we must host at least one training per day. Every HR must host at least 2 trainings per week.

It is important for our high ranks to know when to step up and take the initiative to host a training. If every HR sits back and waits for the other to host, no one will. It is your job as a high rank to take the initiative to host a training when you are free and able too.

Section 2: Inactivity
This is a very important topic. High ranks cannot be inactive. If you are a high rank and inactive here are the consequences:

3 days - First time:
You will receive a warning
3 days - Second Time
You will receive a warning
3 days - Third time
You will be demoted.

4 Days+ - First time:
You will receive a warning
4 Days+ - Second time:
You will be demoted.

What counts as activity?
You may not be able to be on 3 days consecutively, that is understandable. You should be on the temple for more than 20 minutes a day (at least 3-4 days in a full week)
Trainings won’t be just 20 minutes, they should be at least 30 minutes+, but you are only required to host 2 per week.

The rest of the time you are unable to come on you must at least talk a little on our discord server or another place of communication so you are still talking in the community of our group. What counts as inactivity is completely disappearing.

Section 3: Admin Usage
This is one of the most important topics!
Admin abuse is not even a bit tolerated.

General rules for admin:

  • Every command used must serve a good purpose, do not use any offensive commands on anyone unless it is needed for something you are doing for an event or training
  • Never ever use admin during a raid unless it is to start the raid, end the raid, or in form of a violation
  • Remember! Admin is a tool for productivity, it should never be used for pleasure or to win.
  • Avoid using M as it is distractive, use H is only needed

Admin abuse consequences:

  • First Time - Warning
  • Second Time - Warning and removal of admin and abuser must re-read this section
  • Third Time - Instant removal from high-rank position

Section 4: Running divisions
If you are a division leader or 2nd in command, I understand running a division can be stressful at times. But it is important to make sure divisions run smooth at all times. Many members join in the interest of divisions and some division can cause more damage to the group then others. Run your division correctly.

- Keep your division active daily
- Trainings must be hosted atleast every other day
- Temple Guard must be always ready for duty when called and must protect the temple.
- Any major changes to divisions must be checked with the council.

Section 5: Hosting Events

This section is a reference for those hosting an event. Note that this is just a guide. Although if you think you need it, use it.

Combat training:

  1. Announce the training and gather students in an appropriate room for the event.
  2. Begin the training by asking the members to get in an STS form.
  3. Explain the purpose of this training and a quick outline of what you plan to teach.
  4. Teach what you need to teach in the introduction of the training
  5. (IMPORTANT: Do not just ask questions to the students, actually teach and make sure that what you are teaching is correct)
  6. When the students fight, make sure to observe the fight closely and note the mistakes of the students and explain it to them after the duel and how to overcome the issue.
  7. Finish by tell them to get in an STS form, and promote those to initiate as you see fit.

Lore training:

  1. Announce the training and gather students in the meditation/lecture room or library.
  2. Have the students get into an STS form or sit down.
  3. Pick a lore topic.
  4. Start discussing the topic, make sure your lecture is organized with a proper introduction giving the students the needed background information and then so on.
  5. Encourage conversation and discussion rather then you just sitting there and explaining it, answer questions and have other people add onto the questions
  6. Finish by tell them to get in an STS form, and promote those to initiate as you see fit.

Practice raid:

  1. Announce the training and gather students in a single room,
  2. Have the students get into an STS form.
  3. Explain the practice raid and its rules, explain how long it will last and the requirements to win.
  4. Split players up into the two different teams. (Instead of randomly splitting up the players, be more logical with it. For example if you know that a student and their master are here, put them together. Or if you know two people do well together, put them on the same team.
  5. Respawn everyone and announce the start of the raid.
  6. You may participate in the raid if you wish, but be sure to also monitor the raid and make sure all rules are followed, and the battle is clean and fair.
  7. Once a team has won, announce the end of the raid, make everyone temporarily invincible, and then gather them up again, getting them in an STS form.
  8. Promote those to initiate as you see fit.


  1. Start by telling the enemies to organize and not attack until you announce the start of the raid.
  2. Announce the raid amongst the group, and gather the members in a room in an STS form.
  3. Tell them about the raid, the group, and include a little pep talk.
  4. Get them ready, and then make sure everyone is in the right team.
  5. Tell the enemies the raid will begin after the countdown.
  6. Start a countdown for 10 seconds and then once the countdown is finish respawn everyone and the raid begins!
  7. Monitor the raid for rule breakers, once there is a winner, stop the raid, make everyone invincible.
  8. If the raiders win congratulate them and tell them “good raid” and then gather the members of our order in a STS form.
  9. Promote those to initiate as you see fit and congratulate the the members who did the greatest in the raid, but keep it fair.

Extra info:

  • If at the moment there is a current event, then simply tell them there will be no raid.
  • An official raid is considered as a group that comes in and asks for a raid, do not consider random raiders in large numbers an official raid. If there are a lot of random raiders, ask the raiders team if they’d like to start an official raid.

Section 6: Conclusion
The main idea of this guide is just to make sure all high ranks do what they need to do correctly, and make sure high ranks actually act like high ranks. If something is not on this guide, as a high rank it is your job to figure out what is the best course of action, and if as a high rank it is appropriate.

This guide is a guide, as a high rank you should not completly fail as a high rank if you are unable to have this guide with you.

End of Guide

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